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Support Education Above All's mission to provide access to quality education for all. Shop their products online with Snoonu and get fast delivery service within an hour. Whether it's clothing or accessories, your shopping experience just got easier. Join the EAA movement and help make education a reality for everyone.

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Gaza Children In Qatar Education Scholarships For Them

Donate now and provide Educational Scholarships for Children from Gaza in Qatar

100 QR
Gaza Youth In Qatar University Scholarships For Them.

Donate Now to Provide Educational Scholarships for Youth from Gaza in Qatar

250 QR
Donate For Gaza - Mental Trauma

Donate To Gaza Children And Families For Psychosocial Support

50 QR
Donate To Gaza Women - Hygiene Kits

Donate Now To Provide Hygiene And Health Kit For Women And Girls In Gaza

50 QR
Donate For Gaza - Hot Food

Donate Now To Provide Hot Food Meals For Gaza Children

50 QR
For Gaza Families In Qatar Buy And Donate Backpacks And School Supplies

Buy and donate School Backpack to be delivered to families from Gaza in Qatar

200 QR
Gaza Families In Qatar Income Generation Support For Them

Donate Now to Provide Income-Generating Activities for Families from Gaza in Qatar

150 QR
Join Us In Honoring Gaza's Children

Come and stand with the children of Gaza at the Children Above All event, organized by the Education Above All Foundation. Let’s gather together on November 17th in Oxygen Park to remember Gaza’s children's lives have been tragically lost in this war. Engage in a variety of social and support activities for Gaza's children.

10 QR
Unite To Protect Children & Youth

EAA’s Al Fakhoora house in Gaza was destroyed by bombing, Al Fakhoora house was a safe space for students and families in the area that hosts civil societies and international organizations.

10 QR
Donate 10

Contribute to Educate a Child

10 QR
Donate 50 (Contribute to Provide school bag with stationaries and uniform for one Child)

50 QR
Donate 100

Contribute to Educate a Child

100 QR
Donate 500

To educate a child in one of the EAA’s operational countries

500 QR
Educate a Child today

Contribute with QAR 2 to help and support EAA in providing quality education for an out-of-school child in one of Education Above All Foundation projects globally, EAA is providing quality education to more than 16 Million children in more than 55 countries worldwide.

2 QR
Donate 14000

To sponsor a child’s education in Qatar for one year.

14,000 QR
Donate 2000 (Contribute to provide full primary education of four children)

2,000 QR
Donate 1000 (Contribute to safe drinking water for school children)

1,000 QR