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Cocci-Tricho 100 gm-Giantel

Composition per 100 gram: Amprolium HCL 4.000 mg Ronidazole 4.000 mg Essential vitamins and amino acids. Indications: Cocci-tricho is a water soluble powder and has a high efficacy against coccidiosis, trichomoniasis (canker) and hexamitiasis in pigeons. Dosage and administration: The general dose is 1 levelled measuring spoon per 2 litres of drinking water (Measuring spoon included, 1 levelled spoon is ≈ 8 grams). Curative treatment: administer during 5 consecutive days. Medicated water should be refreshed daily

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CANIGEST is a complementary feed for dogs and cats combining a Probiotic, Prebiotics, Glutamine, Kaolin and Pectin. It is particularly suitable for feeding to dogs to assist in the nutritional management of digestive tract upsets. Stress and diet changes can affect the intestinal microflora of dogs and Probiotics can help to re-establish levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Probiotics may also improve health conditions in dogs exposed to stress and infections. Research has shown that Enterococcus Faecium is a useful nutritional agent in antidiarrheal therapy.

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PLUTO Granules 250Gm (Fly Killer)

Flies fly killer granules

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Amoxclaus 60 Ml Syrup -Farbio Pharma

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (Including Ent) Lower Respiratory Tract Infections Urinary Tract Infections Skin And Soft Tissue Infections E.G. Cellulitis, Animal Bites.  Dental Infections

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Meloxivet Pet 20Ml Inj.-Pet'S Pharma

Meloxivet Pet Is A Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Useful In The Treatment Of Inflammatory Processes In Trauma In Canines And Felines. It Also Has Effective Analgesic Activity In The Treatment Of Arthritis, Muscle Strains, Arthropathies, Discopathies And In Diseases That Cause Pain.

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Caniverm Forte Tab-Biovita

Prevention, Control And Treatment Of Canine And Feline Gastrointestinal (Git) Helminth Parasites: (Toxocara Canis, Toxocara Cati, Toxascaris Leonina, Uncinaria Stenocephala, Ancylostoma Caninum, Trichuris Vulpis, Echinoccus Granulosus, Echinocccus Multilocularis, Dipylidium Caninum, Taenia Spp., Multiceps Multiceps, Mesocestoides Spp.)

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Omega Biotin Paste 100G-Dolfos

Omega Biotin Paste Is A Formula For Dogs And Cats Supporting Skin Functions In Case Of Its Inflammations And Excessive Hair Loss.

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Biocan Novel Respi 1D-Bioveta (Annually)

Active Immunisation Of Dogs Against Kennel Cough From 3 Weeks Of Age: To Reduce Clinical Signs And Bacterial Shedding After Infection With Bordetella Bronchiseptica. To Reduce Clinical Signs And Viral Shedding After Infection With Canine Parainfluenza Virus.

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Estromax 20 Ml -Vetopt

Kloprostenol Is A Synthetic Analogue Of Prostaglandin F2-Alpha, Which During Lyutealnoyi Phase Of The Sexual Cycle In Females Causes Regression Of The Corpus Luteum And Promotes Growth And Development Follicles.

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Immunecat Paste 100Ml -Petactive

Bio Petactive Immunecat Cat Paste; It Is Specially Formulated For Adult Cats. The Vitamins And Minerals In It Support The Strengthening Of Your Cat'S Immune System. Cat Paste; It Is Produced To Support Your Cat'S Immunity By Meeting Its Daily Vitamin Needs.

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Hepadol Paste 50G -Dolfos

Protection And Regeneration Paste For Dogs And Cats. Supplementary Dietary Food. Hepadol Paste Is A Paste For Dogs And Cats To Support Liver Function In The Case Of Chronic Liver Failure. Ornithine And Arginine Are Amino Acids Necessary In The Synthesis Of Urea In The Ornithine Cycle. Taurine Protects The Liver From Fibrosis. Milk Thistle (Silybum Marianum) Protects Liver Cells From Toxic Agents. Phospholipids Are Involved In The Digestion Of Fats And The Absorption Of Vitamins Soluble In Them. The Preparation Replenishes The Level Of B Vitamins In The Body.Composition

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Furinaid Plus 200Ml-Trm

Furinaid Plus Is A Complementary Feed For Cats Containing N-Acetyl Glucosamine And L-Tryptophan In A Palatable And Convenient Liquid Form. Daily Feeding Will Nutritionally Support The Glycosaminoglycan Levels In The Mucosal Barrier Of The Bladder Wall And Assist In The Maintence Of Normal Nerve Function.

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Kurasyn Canine 240Ml-Trm

Kurasyn Canine Is A Complementary Feed Supplement For Dogs Containing Highly Bioavailable Curcumin Combined With Hyaluronic Acid. The Turmeric Utilised In The Formula Has Been Complexed With A Naturally Occurring Oligosaccharide And Has Significantly Better Absorption Compared With Standard Turmeric.

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Sp Adult 85G -Hills

Nutrition Suitable For Less Active Adult Cats That Require A Low Calorie Diet To Maintain A Healthy Weight And Lifestyle. Low Calorie Content And L-Carnitine Help Support Ideal Weight. High Quality Protein And Natural Fibers To Help Stave Off Hunger Between Meals. Omega-6 And Vitamin E For A Healthy Skin And Coat. Suitable For Adult Cats From 1 To 6 Years Of Age, Which Require A Lower Caloric Intake (E.G. Less Active, Sterilized Or Otherwise Overweight Cats)

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Pappy Lait Cat 250G-Candioli

Milk Replacer For Nursing Puppies And Kittens Until Weaning. Pappylait Is A Complete, Balanced And Highly Soluble Petfood, Ideal For Nursing Puppies And Kittens And As Daily Diet For Pregnant Or Nursing Dogs And Cats. In Particular, Pappylait Can Be Used For Orphan Puppies And Kittens; As A Supplement To The Diet Of Puppies Or Kittens (If The Mother Does Not Produce Enough Milk); As A Supplement To Weaning Puppy Or Kitten Food.

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Foldable Pet Tavelling Bag Medium-Petlead

Four Fabric Mesh Curtains That Can Be Rolled Up Or Down Ventilated Mesh Windows On All Four Sides Tubular Steel Frame Strong And Lightweight Reinforced Corners

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Colombine Spray 300Ml- Versele-Laga

Colombine All-In-One Promotes Health Through The Rich, Balanced Composition Using Natural Ingredients. A Total Mix Of Vitamins, Minerals And Grit Promotes Health And A Good General Condition Smooth Ingestion Thanks To The Mix With Sneaky Mixture & Optimal Start 25

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Avio Coxiworm 1 Tablets - Aviomed

It Combines Three Of The Safest And Most Effective Actives Available, For The Unique Combined Treatment Of Coccidiosis And Worms In Pigeons. Pirate And Praziquantel Are The Two Safest And Some Of The Most Effective Against The Three Most Common Worms, (Roundworm, Hairworm And Tapeworm). Toltazuril Likewise Is The Most Effective And Safe Treatment Against Coccidiosis. It Also Supplies A Three Week Residual Protection Against Re-Infections With Coccidias. This Product Is Completely Safe And Does Not Cause Any Burn Of Feathers So It Is Ideal For Weaning Youngsters.1 Coxiworm Tablet Per Pigeon. It Is Highly Suggested To Dose Every 12 Weeks If You Have An Ongoing Issue With Worms Of Coccidiosis. Dose All Babies After Weaning. Rotate With Ekto/Endo+ Tablets. Avio-Coxiworm Tablets 100 Tablets

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Falcon Moulting Aid 100G -Vetafarm

Moulting Aid Quail Flavoured Powder – Vitamin, Trace Mineral And Amino Acid Suppliment To Aid Moulting In Falcons. The Moulting Falcon Requires Extra Vitamins, Minerals And Amino Acids For Feather Growth, The Actives In Moulting Aid Will Support This New Feather Growth So That The Falcon Will Moult Faster, Grow Healthier Feathers And Experience Less Stress. The Proteinated Minerals Have Been Formulated To Make Them Easily Absorbed From The Gut. Use When The Falcon Is Moulting To Grow Healthier, Stronger Feathers, Allowing Falcons To Fly With Superior Ability.

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