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Cebican Dog Food Daily Care 20Kg

70 QR

Renalof Pets 150Ml

110 QR

Set Goleygo Flat, Collar+Leash Dog -10Mmx140-200Cm S-15Kg Black

285 QR

Cat Mate® Pet Source


Livestock Marker

Highly visible fade resistant effective in all types of weather push-up style dispensers. Blue, pink, green, orange, red, yellow

17 QR

Magic Brush Soft Turqoise

MagicBrush Soft is the care and cuddling brush that is ideal for the particularly sensitive areas of horses and ponies, such as head and ears. Even highly sensitive horses and ponies enjoy care with the new MagicBrush Soft. The cheerful colours - tropic yellow, light blue and purple - combined with the colourful prints are really fun. • the ultra-soft Quadro bristles clean particularly gently • the gentle massage increases the horse's well-being • gentle cleaning with a cuddly effect - for happy horses, ponies and riders • the brushes are manufactured, printed and packed in the EU

45 QR

Straight Scissor 8.5 inch

Surgical Instrument, S/Steel

65 QR

Operating Scissors (S/B 100mm)

Surgical Instrument, S/Steel

35 QR

Artery Forceps (Straight 5.5" Long)

Surgical Instrument, S/Steel

45 QR

Crile Hemostat Forceps (6" Long)

Surgical Instrument, S/Stell

45 QR

Viusid Vet 1L

Nutritional preparations to improve the productivity of farms, poultry, livestock and pigs. Improves antibody levels after vaccination All VIUSID ingredients undergo a biocatalytic process of molecular activation The biocatalytic process of MOLECULAR ACTIVATION very considerably improves the biological activation and biochemical reactivity of all antioxidant molecules. This activation method has been much more effective when applied to a much wider spectrum of molecules, both water-soluble and fat-soluble.. Related to the mentioned mechanism, we have observed an increase in synergism between some used antioxidants that sometimes manage to increase their overall antioxidant capacity by a high percentage MOLECULAR ACTIVATION is essential and necessary to increase biological activity and thus achieve the greatest effectiveness in the treatment of diseases that directly or indirectly produce free radicals.

130 QR

Vita-15 Inj. 100ml

A source of nutritional factors for use in horses. Beneficial mixture of B vitamins and amino acids Sterile filled Made in the USA

90 QR

Vitamin B-Complex 150 100ml

Each ml contains: Thiamine Hydrochloride 150mg Riboflavin 5 Sodium Phosphate U.S.P 2mg Niacinamide 150mg d-Pathenol 10mg Pyridoxine HCL 10mg Inositol 20mg Choline Chloride 20mg Benzyl Alcohol (preservative) 2% v/v Water for injection q.s

80 QR

VeyFo Q Phos-Cal-Mag Kaps110g

Complementary mineral feed with a particular nutritional purpose for dairy cows.

35 QR

Thiamine HCL 500mg/ml 100ml

Each ml contains: Thiamine Hydrochloride 500mg Disodium Edetate 0.01% Benzyl Alcohol (preservative) 1.5% v/v Water for injection q.s pH adjusted w/ Hydrochloric Acid or Sodium Hydroxide

100 QR

Sulfur Ointment 250g

Each 1 g contains: Sulfur 100 mg Salicylic Acid 30 mg Zinc Oxide 80 mg Iodine 10 mg Excipients ad 1 g

30 QR

SulFur Ointment 1Kg

Each 1 g contains: Sulfur 100 mg Salicylic Acid 30 mg Zinc Oxide 80 mg Iodine 10 mg Excipients ad 1 g

75 QR

Sodium Ascorbate 100ml

Each ml contains: Sodium ascorbate 250mg Monotheglycerol 0.5% w/v Edetate disodium 0.1% w/v Methylparaben (preservative) 0.18% w/v Propylparaben (preservative) 0.02% w/v

85 QR

Portasol Orgacid 1 Liter

Liquid Feed Additives Premix Propionic Acid 200ml Malic Acid 50ml Citric Acid 5ml Formid Acid 50ml Lactic Acid 80ml Acetic Acid qsp

50 QR

Portajel Makrovin 25kg

Molasses and licking gel for ovine, combination of energy , vitamins, minerals and protein.

135 QR

Portacure C plus 1kg

In its conetent has strong antioxidant effect and protects the structural integrity of the cells of the immune sysytem. It may support the immune system, tssue growth and maintenance, amelioration of oxidative stres and heat stress and increase resisitance to diseases in animals.

80 QR

Portacure Antimycotoxin 1L

Premix enriched with vitamins organic and mineral acids, MOS and Beta glucan for poultry and ruminants.

65 QR

Mineral Block Alpharabi 10kgx2 yellow

Each 5kg contains: Vitamin A 30 000IU, Manganese 8.3mg, Selenium 22mg, Sodium 0.75g, Iron 13mg, Cobalt 11mg, Phospor 0.91g, Vit. E 12mg, Iodine 16.4mg, Calcium 1.75g, Vit. D3 5500 IU, Zinc 18mg, Copper 5mg, Magnesium 0.52g

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