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Menthol Liniment 50 Ml

Pure Menthol Liniment: Consider Best Choice. As Its Applied Topically In Many Cases Arthritis And Osteoarthritis And Rheumatoid Pain

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Capsicum Liniment 50 Ml

Original Capsicum Liniment: Due Its Fast Effect And Rapid Absorbtion Especially Indicated In Moderate To Severe Pains.

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Capsicum Ointment 40 Gm

Capsicum Ointment: Thanks For Good Technology To Develop Product Not Medicine By Topically Use With Effective Response In Cases Of Rheumatoid, Osteoarthritis Neuralgia.

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Menthol Ointment 40 Gm

Thanks For Camphor And Eculaptus And Menthol In One Composition Which Make It Useful Product To Relieve Headache And Cluster Headache, Sports Traumas. And Muscle Pain And Connective Tissue Pain.

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Kataljin Ointment 40 Gm

Help To Relief Cough On Flu Cases And Keep Relaxing Effect And Expectorant Effect For Respiratory Tract As Well Have Natural Antibacterial Effect Natural Due Its Natural Composition

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Menthol Plaster

Cooling, Anti-inflammatory And Analgesic Effect Help To Reduce Muscle Pain And Soreness In All Body(Best Seller )

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Capsicum Plaster

Quick And Powerful Response In Muscle Pains Back Pain Lumbago And Sports Muscle Pains (Best Seller )

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Capsimax Thermal Plaster (Maximum Stregth) 4 Pcs

Maximum Strength In One Plaster With Immediate Effect And Perfect Absorption For Types Of Pains Also Neck And Shoulder Pains And Ladies Period Pain (Best Seller )

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Capsimed Thermal Plaster(Medium Streght) 4 Pcs

Medium Strength Helps To Reduce Pain As Well Due To Its Small Size Easy Applicable In Different Areas (Best Seller)

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