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Ekseption Caviar Activator 50Ml Cream

A Night Cream Rich In Caviar Extract, Which Contains A Group Of Essential Minerals Such As Phosphorus, Zinc And Silica To Form Skin Proteins, In Addition To Vitamins And Amino Acids. It Also Contains Tranexamic And Ectobioic Acid For A Uniform Complexion. Daily Use: - Once A Day At Night On The Face And Neck. Suitable For All Skin Types.

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Ekseption Matcha Tea 400Ml Mist

A New Concept For Cleansing Combination And Oily Skin, As It Combines Matcha Tea Extract To Purify The Skin And Polyhydroxy Acids To Rejuvenate Skin Cells And Balance The Ph Of The Skin, In Addition To Reducing Sebum Secretion. It Can Be Used On The Face, Eyes And Lips. Suitable For Normal, Mixed And Oily Skin.

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Ekseption Probiotic Ultra Serum 30Ml

Ultraserum With Pre & Pro-Biotic Complex (5%) And Lactic Acid Ester (3%). The Probiotic Ultraserum Is Designed To Optimize The Cutaneous Microflora, Straighten Biological Defenses, And Improve Skin Radiance By Restructuring And Smoothing Effectsby Speeding Up The Process Of Strengthen The Skin’S Natural Barrier, Repairing Damage And Preventing Sensitivity Or Excess Oil. Repair And Regulate Your Skin Today With Our Power Charged Probiotic Complex.To Be Used Once Daily. Suits All Types Of Skin

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Ekseption Ice Cream Lift 50Ml

Ekseption Ice Cream Lift Is A Rich Lifting Cream Contains Dna Protection Peptide, Anti-Wrinkles Lipo-Peptides And Growth Factors To Reduce Wrinkles And Skin Sagging, Folic Acid Helps To Fight Out Premature Aging And Acetyl Glutamine To Maintain Normal Hydration And Elasticity. An Intensive Treatment For Dry And Mature Skin Types. To Be Used Once Daily At Night By Dab It Onto Your Face Followed By And Upward Circular Direction To Massage The Cream Onto Your Skin

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Ekseption Ultimate Eyes And Lips Cleanser 100Ml

A Unique Formula In The Form Of A Cleansing Cream Which Cleanse The Skin And Remove Makeup Under The Eyes And Lips Even Waterproof Make Up , In Addition To Strengthening The Eyelashes, Because It Contains Panthenol, Which Supports The Growth Of Eyelashes. Twice A Day, Apply It With A Piece Of Cotton On The Area Under The Eyes And Lips, And Rinse With Water. It Is Recommended To Pass The Cream On The Base Of The Eyelashes To Strengthen Them. Suitable For All Skin Types

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Ekseption Triple Acid Peeling Mask 100Ml

An Intensive Peeling Mask With Organic Acids. The Triple Acid Mask Reduces Roughness, Wrinkles, And Pigmentation. Apply For 10 Minute Sthen Rinse It With Water. The Mask Can Be Used Once Weekly To Once Every 2 Weeks Following With Repair Program. Skin Types: Normal, Combination, Dry, Oily, Mature

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Ekseption Post-Peel Mask 100Ml

The Post-Peel Glasiar Mask Can Be Used After A Professional Peel Procedure Or At Home. It Does Not Contain Acids, Suits All Skin Types And Is Especially Beneficial For Combination, Oily, Acne Skin. Apply For 10 Minutes Then Rinse It With Water. Once Daily At Night.

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Ekseption Resurfacing Micro Peel & Milk 400Ml

A Time-Saving Body Micro-Peel For Norishing And Milk For Marvelous Hydration In One Bottle. Shake The Bottle And Spray It All Over The Body And Finish By Massaging The Product Till Absorbed. It Removes The Dead Cells Nourish And Moisturize Your Skin

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Ekseption Monsoon Mist Tone And Peel 400Ml

Ultra-Refreshing Moisturising Toning Mist That Should Be Applied After Cleansing And Before Skincare Serums Or Creams.⁣ The Monsoon Mist Toner Suits All Skin Types And Works In Synergy With Other Ekseption Products. It Maintains The Skin'S Natural Acid Mantle. The Acid Mantle Is The Skin’S Way Of Protecting Itself From Bacteria, Environmental Pollutants, And Moisture Loss. It Contains Sodium Lactate Which Is The Sodium Salt Of Lactic Acid, And Is One Of The Hydrating Substances That Are Produced By The Skin To Preserve The Moisture And Physiological Ph.⁣ We Always Recommend That You Use One Of Beautiful Mists Immediately After Cleansing The Skin. Morning And At Night.

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Ekseption Micellar Cleanser And Peel 400Ml

A New Concept Of Skin Cleansing And Makeup Removal That Combines Polyhydroxy Acids To Gently Exfoliate The Skin And Balance The Skin'S Ph. Micellar Water Technology Is A Refreshing Cleanser To Remove Makeup. It Can Be Used On The Face, Eyes And Lips. Twice Daily, Apply It With A Cotton Pad To A Wet Face. Rinse Well With Water. Suitable For All Skin Types.

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Ekseption Glaciar Repair Cream 50Ml

This Oil-In-Water Cream With An Ultra-Cooling Texture Will Suit Normal And Oily Skin Types. Glaciar Repair Combines A Significant Amount Of Essential To Our Skin Minerals, Alpha-Bisabolol And Neodermyl, To Boost Cellular Activity, Regulate Sebum Production. To Be Used From Once To Twice Daily.

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Ekseption Hydration Sparkle 50Ml Cream

Ekseption Hydration Sparkle Cream Is Rich In Lactic Acid, Which Maintains The Moisture And Freshness Of Your Skin, In Addition To The Effective Role In Tightening The Skin, Renewing Skin Cells And Unifying Its Color, Improving The Appearance Of Oily Skin With Wide Pores, And Also Reducing Excess Secretions Of Skin Fat. Used Twice Daily On The Face And Neck. Suitable For All Skin Types.

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Ekseption Ice Cream Repair 50Ml Cream

With The Distinct Formula And Unique Texture Similar To Ice Cream, Exception Offers Ice Cream Repair, Which Is Rich In 5 Essential Growth Factors For The Formation Of Basic Skin Proteins Such As Collagen And Elastin. Therefore, It Is Recommended To Use Ice Cream Repair As A Night Cream To Restore Skin Restoration, Reduce The Appearance Of Wrinkles, As Well As Unify And Tighten Skin Tone. The Repair Ice Cream Also Contains Unirepair T43, Which Works To Repair The Dna Of The Skin By 50% Within 5 Hours Of Use. Daily Use: - Once A Day At Night Before Sleeping On The Face And Neck, And Keep In The Refrigerator After Use To Maintain Continuous Hydration. Suitable For Normal And Combination Skin.

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Ekseption Age Less Cocoon 50Ml

Ekseption Offers Through Ageless Cocoon A Group Of Triple And Hexagonal Peptides, Which Work To Increase Elastin In The Skin, And This Substance Is Necessary For Skin Tightening. In Addition To Gluconolactone And Octopionic Acid, Which Work To Protect The Skin From Signs Of Aging. Use Twice Daily On The Lower Face And Neck Area. Suitable For All Skin Types.

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Ekseption White Up Sorbet 50Ml Cream

White Up Sorbet Cream Reduces The Appearance Of Dark Spots And Works To Unify The Skin Tone To Obtain A Bright And Vibrant Complexion, Because It Contains A Number Of Active Substances, Including Melanostatin, Which Reduces The Formation Of Melanin Pigment, In Addition To Tranexamic Acid, Which Improves The Appearance Of The Skin And Unifies Its Color. Use Once Daily, At Night, On The Face And Neck. Suitable For All Skin Types.

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Ekseption Pure Skin Activator 30Ml Cream

A Light Cream For Oily Skin Problems And Acne, As It Contains Salicylic Acid, Which Is Known For Its Effectiveness In Reducing The Appearance Of Acne And Reducing Sebum Secretions, In Addition To Tea Tree Extract To Get Rid Of The Shiny Appearance Of Oily Skin, As Well As Gluconolactone To Renew Skin Cells. Suitable For Oily And Combination Skin.

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Ekseption Pha Activator 30Ml Cream

Pha Activator Cream Reduces The Appearance Of Dark Spots In Sensitive Areas And Works To Obtain A Bright And Vibrant Skin, Because It Contains A Number Of Active Substances, Including Hexylresorcinol, Which Reduces The Formation Of Melanin Pigment, In Addition To Tranexamic Acid, Which Is One Of The Most Powerful Effective Substances To Eliminate Severe Pigmentations. It Is Used Once Daily At Night. Very Safe For Sensitive Areas

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Ekseption All Day Shield Spf 50+ 50Ml Sunscreen

All Day Shield Offers You A Sun Protection Factor +Spf 50, In Addition To Containing Heliogard 365 Extracted From Red Algae, Which Protects Against Ultraviolet A Rays, So It Protects Your Skin From Early Signs Of Aging. It Also Contains Ferulic Acid, Which Keeps The Skin From Affecting The Skin. Negative To Oxidative Stress. Use In The Morning Or Before Sun Exposure On The Face And Neck Area. It Is Preferable To Wait 10 Minutes Before Applying Makeup. Suitable For All Skin Types.

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Ekseption Ultimate Eyes Cream 30Ml

If You Are Concerned About Your Undereye Area Or Noticing Some Changes Like Dark Circles, Puffiness, Lines, Etc. The Ultim-Eyes Cream Has A Light Texture And It Will Take Good Care Of Your Skin Around The Eyes Thanks To The Unirepair T43 And Lactobionic Acid. To Be Applied Twice Daily With A Circular Massaging, Suitable For All Types Of Skin

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