1st Day Burger

Delivery time

28-33 Min


7.24 km

Working hours

ClosedUntil 1:30 pm



Best Selling

45 QR

First D Special Meat Burger

32 QR

Mushroom Burger

32 QR

K90 Burger

35 QR

Double Cheeseburger


Gathering Box

6 pieces burger chicken or beef ,4 pieces chicken qube and french fries

159 QR

Classic Chicken Burger

Fresh chicken breast with special seasoning, slice of cheddar cheese, ranch sauce, lettuce small pieces

29 QR

Grilled Chicken Burger

Fresh chicken breast grilled, french lettuce, cheddar cheese ,slice tomato, first day sauce

29 QR

Chicken Slider

Fresh chicken, lettuce, cheddar cheese slice, special sauce

33 QR

Chicken 1st Day Burger

Fresh chicken, french lettuce, american cheddar cheese, or arugula with special sauce, coleslaw

35 QR

K90 Burger

Fresh chicken breast toast slice, first day sauce, cheese sauce, cabbage salad and cheddar cheese slice

32 QR

Chicken Wrap

Fresh chicken wrap, first day sauce, american cheddar cheese

23 QR

Special Chicken Buffalo Burger

Fresh chicken breast special seasoning with buffalo flavor

32 QR

Chicken Strips

32 QR

First Day French Fries

25 QR

Mozzarella Cheetos Steak

25 QR

Crispy Buffalo Chicken

Fresh chicken breast with special seasoning and special buffalo sauce

34 QR

Cheese Fries

Fries with cheese and ranch sauce

18 QR

Chicken Dynamite

Fresh chicken breast with special seasoning and dynamite sauce

32 QR

Onion Rings

22 QR

Chicken Wings

29 QR

Shrimp Dynamite

Fried shrimp with dynamite sauce

32 QR

Buffalo Shrimp

34 QR

French fries

13 QR

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