3albal Restaurant

3albal Restaurant brings you the best of Tunisian cuisine with a range of mouth-watering dishes. Indulge in our signature Jelbana Tunisienne, a hearty stew made with chicken or lamb, or try our Kaftagi, a traditional dish made with meatballs and egg. If you prefer seafood, we recommend our Mergaz, a crispy fried fish dish that is sure to delight your taste buds. Our menu also features Morgez, a succulent fried chicken dish, and Al-Mabes, a classic Tunisian comfort food made with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Don't forget to try our signature Makrouna Tunisienne, a traditional Tunisian pasta dish, served with lamb or chicken. With Snoonu's fast delivery service, you can now enjoy the authentic taste of Tunisia at the comfort of your own home. Order now and savor the flavors of 3albal Restaurant!

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OpenUntil 10:00 PM