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Experience the authentic flavors of Absi Chai, a renowned restaurant in Qatar. Known for its delightful range of chai and delectable menu options, Absi Chai is the perfect destination for tea lovers. Indulge in our specialty chai blends, carefully crafted to perfection using the finest ingredients. Whether you're a fan of classic karak or prefer a unique twist with our signature flavors, Absi Chai has something to satisfy every palate.

Best Selling


Absi Double Chicken Burger

30 QR
Absi Ruman Burger

24 QR
Absi Mushroom Burger

22 QR
Absi Spicy Burger

21 QR
Absi Crispy Fried Chicken Burger

22 QR
Absi Chicken Burger

19 QR
Club Majlis

Combination of Absi Beef Club, Absi Chicken Club, 2 Zinger Club, 2 Club Normal, Vegetable Club and French Fries

100 QR
Absi Platter

Combination of Absi Burger, Absi Club, Absi Mexican Wrap, Absi Quesadilla, Zinger Sandwich and French Fries

68 QR
Absi Majlis

Combination of Absi Beef Burger, Absi Chicken Burger, Absi Club, 2 Absi Paratha and French Fries

62 QR
Club normal

12 QR
Vegetable Club

14 QR
Zinger Club

16 QR
Club Paratha

Combination of Absi Paratha, Chicken Tikka Paratha, Hotdog Paratha, Shakshuka Paratha and French Fries

20 QR
Absi Chicken Club

17 QR
Zinger With Turkey Sandwich

15 QR
Zinger Sandwich

14 QR
Falafel Wrap

10 QR
Zinger Wrap

15 QR
Absi Mexican Wrap

15 QR