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Introducing Acha, the ultimate destination for mouthwatering biryani in Qatar! We take pride in serving the best biryani in the country. With a perfect blend of aromatic spices and tender meat, our biryani is a true gastronomic delight. Acha restaurant is renowned for its authentic flavors and generous portions that leave our customers craving for more. Whether you're a fan of chicken, mutton, or veggie biryani, we have something to satisfy every palate.

Best Selling


Biryani 65 Large

Biryani 65 has arrived at ACHA . Try the new and original trend and enjoy

220 QR
Biryani 65

Biryani 65 Has Arrived At Acha Try The New And Original Trend And Enjoy

59 QR

4 Pieces Of A Delicious Blend Of Crunch And Flavor Bakoora

17 QR
Acha Indian Samboosa

3 Pcs Of Well-Loved Snacks That Is Filled With A Savory Potato Mixture

17 QR
Butter Chicken

35 QR
Shrimp Biryani

Who Loves seafood? Try the biryani seafood of Acha.

42 QR
Vegetable Biryani

For A Satisfying And Wholesome Meal, You Can'T Go Wrong With A Bowl Of Delicious Acha Vegetable Biryani!

29 QR
Chicken Biryani

Spice Up Your Day With A Savory Bowl Of Acha Chicken Biryani

32 QR
Mutton Biryani

From The First Bite To The Last, Our Acha Mutton Biryani Will Take You On A Flavorful Journey You'Ll Never Forget!

38 QR
Mountain Dew

4 QR
Miranda Orange

4 QR
7 UP

4 QR
Diet Pepsi

4 QR

4 QR
Saffron Ice Cream With Cotton Candy

30 QR