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Mixed Grilled

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Mix Grill Kg


Kofta Forn W Ajeen

22 QR


Tomato Sauce, Pepperoni, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Corn, Olives, A Mixture Of Cheese With Oregano

28 QR

Cheese With Muhammara Manoushe

Hot Pepper With A Mixture Of Mozzarella Cheese , Akkawi

14 QR

Cheese With Eggs Manoushe

Fried Eggs Topped With A Mixture Of Mozzarella Cheese , Akkawi

18 QR

Labneh With Vegetables Manoushe

Labneh With Cucumber, Tomato, Olives And Green Mint

16 QR

Falafel Manoushe

Falafel With Parsley, Cucumber, Tomato, Tahini Sauce, Pomegranate Molasses

18 QR

Mozzarella With Akawi Cheese Manoushe

Mixture Of Mozzarella Cheese , Akkawi

14 QR

Vegetarian Manoushe

A Mixture Of Zucchini, Eggplant, Green Pepper, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese And Cheddar Cheese

18 QR

Halloumi With Vegetables Manoushe

Halloumi Cheese With Cucumber, Tomato, Lettuce

22 QR

Sausage With Cheese Manoushe

Sausage Meat With Tomato Sauce, A Mixture Of Mozzarella Cheese , Akkawi

18 QR

Cocktail Zaatar With Cheese Manoushe

A Mixture Of Cheese, Topped With Zaatar

12 QR

Bbq Chicken Manoushe

Grilled Chicken Slices With Mushrooms, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Bbq Sauce

25 QR

Turkey With Cheese Manoushe

Akawi Cheese With Cheddar And Mozzarella Slices Of Smoked Turkey

18 QR

Kofta With Pomegranate Molasses Manoushe

Meat Kofta Marinated With Spices And Pomegranate Molasses

22 QR

Nutella With Nuts & Banana Manoushe

Nutella Sauce With Banana And Nuts

18 QR

Pepperoni Manoushe

Delicious Pepperoni Slices With Tomato Sauce For A Mixture Of Mozzarella Cheese And Akkawi

18 QR

Spinach Manoushe

Marinated Spinach Leaves , Sumac, Onions And Pomegranate Molasses

10 QR

Zaatar Manoushe

8 QR

Hummus With Yogurt

13 QR

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