Al Mankal Chicken Tikka

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Tantalize your taste buds with Al Mankal Chicken Tikka, a culinary delight renowned for its authentic flavor. This unique merchant, Al Mankal, offers a distinctive mankal chicken tikka menu that takes you on an exotic journey with each bite. Discover the Al Mankal Chicken Tikka Menu, a treasure trove of succulent chicken tikka dishes that are a feast for the senses. Delve into the world of Al Mankal and partake in a dining experience thats as rich as its heritage.

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Puri Bread

3 QR
Curry Sauce

6 QR
Smoked Garlic

4 QR
Arabic Salad

10 QR

12 QR
Biryani Rice

10 QR
Double Meal

4 pieces of chicken, biryani rice, curry sauce, coleslaw salad, 3 puri bread, fries, 2 garlic dip, 2 soft drinks

68 QR
Family Meal

8 pieces of chicken tikka, biryani, curry sauce, hummus, coleslaw salad, 5 puri bread, large fries, 3 garlic dip, soft drink 1.25 ml

129 QR
Economic Meal

6 pieces of chicken tikka, biryani rice, curry sauce, hummus, coleslaw salad, 3 puri bread, large bread, large fries, 3 Garlic dip, soft drink 1.25 liter

99 QR
Single Meal

2 pieces of chicken, puri bread, fries, garlic dip, soft drink

34 QR
Chicken Tikka

28 QR
Mineral Water

2 QR