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Experience the authentic taste of Egypt right here in Qatar with Al Masri! Renowned for our almasri sweets, we take pride in our masri sweets menu that treats your taste buds with a burst of exotic flavors. Try our signature foul masri, mouthwatering kebdah, tarb sandwich, or the succulent kofta halab. In the mood for something unique? Our banana fatteh is a must-try! At Al Marsi, we are committed to providing a memorable culinary experience.

Best Selling


Baba Ghanoug Salad

13 QR
Pickled Eggplant Salad Large

15 QR
A Kilo Of Kofta

100 QR
Kilo Tarb

110 QR
A Whole Chicken

28 QR
A Kilo Of Feathers

130 QR
One Kilo Of Kebab

120 QR
Grilled Half Chicken Shish

16 QR
One Kilo Of Shish Tawook

80 QR
One Kilo Of Mixed Grill

110 QR
Hawawshie Sandwich

12 QR
It'S Enough For Him Sandwich

10 QR
Alexandrian Liver Sandwich

10 QR
Sausage Sandwich

12 QR
Trab Sandwich

12 QR
Grilled Chicken Sandwich

10 QR
Brain Sandwich

12 QR
Liver With Radish Sandwich

10 QR
Trotters Soup

25 QR