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Al Mosak

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ClosedUntil 8:00 AM

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Try Al Mosak! a restaurant situated in Qatar and offers a variety of Healthy, Grills, Qatari that is delivered throughout Abu Hamour, Ain Khaled, Al Aziziya, Al Ebaib and Al Ebb municipalities in Qatar. Although they provide a variety of dishes and meals to pick from, their best-selling dishes include Musahab Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Katsu, Shish Taouk Wrap and Chocolate Brownies Users have rated the restaurant with a 4.7 and reviewed it 17337 times. Order now and enjoy fast delivery with Snoonu within Optimum Time.

Best Selling


Egg & Guacamole Wrap

Fried Egg With Guacamole On Tortilla Wrap Served With Rice Salad

25 QR

2 Eg Shakshoukeh With Brown Toast

35 QR
White Egg Omelette and Turkey

3 White Egg +2 Turkey + Brown Toast

35 QR
Foul Sandwich

Freshly Smashed Foul With Vegetable Salad In Arabic Brown Bread Served With Arabic Pickles

25 QR
Croissant Cheese & Turkey

Multicereal Croissant Turkey And Light Cheese

28 QR
Red Beans Sandwich

Red Beans With Vegetable Salad In Arabic Brown Bread Served With Arabic Pickles

25 QR
Energy Meal 1

Oats With Milk And Nuts

35 QR
Grilled Halloumi Wrap

Grilled Halloumi With Pesto And Salad In Tortilla Wrap Served With Arabic Pickles

25 QR
Energy Meal 2

Oats With Milk And Fruit

35 QR
Sandwich Boiled Egg

Sandwich Boiled Egg With Cheese

25 QR
Croissant Egg & Cheese

Multicereal Croissant With Scrambled Egg & Cheese

25 QR

Protein Pancake With Fruits Or Nuts & Honey

35 QR
Pulled Chicken Pesto Croissant

Multicereal Croissant Stuffed With Pulled Chicken & Pesto Sauce And Cheese

30 QR
Cheesy Egg Zaatar With Turkey

Zaatar Infused Egg Cooked And Loaded With Cheese, Turkey Slice And Served With Oven Baked Hash Browns (382 Kcal, 35 Gr Protein, 29 Gr Carb, 14 Gr Fat)

32 QR
Guacamole Boiled Egg Sand

2 Eggs. 303 CAL , Protein 22 GR , Carbs20 GR , Fat 15 GR

25 QR
Multi cereal Croissant Cheese And Turkey

3 Turkeys, cheese, 299 Calories, 28 grams carbs, 22 grams protein and 11 grams fat

28 QR
Multi cereal Croissant Egg And Cheese

2 eggs, slice cheese, 307 calories, 28 gm carbs, 24 gm protein and 11 gm fat

25 QR
Salty Pancake

259 cal, protein 30 gm, carb 19 gm and fat 7 gm

34 QR
Scrambled Eggs

Fresh Eggs Well Cooked And Served With Hash Brown Potatoes And Topped With Seasoning Along With Guacamole 335 Kcal , 23 Gr Protein , 27 Gr Carb , 11 Gr Fat

28 QR