Al Saj Al Shami

Delivery time

22-27 Min


1.67 km

Working hours

OpenUntil 12:00 am



Best Selling

35 QR

Mixed Appetizers Big Plate

28 QR

Shish Tawook Meal

32 QR

Mix Grill Meal

55 QR

Ryoog Sandwich Box

100 QR

Big Sandwish Box (mix grill and shawarma)

55 QR

Medium Sandwich Box (mix grill and shawarma)


Lanchon Cheese Saj

Saj Mixed Between Lanchon And Kashkaval Cheese

13 QR

Muhammara Kashkaval Saj

Saj Mixed Between Muhammara And Kashkaval Cheese

13 QR

Crème Cheese Pie

8 QR

Big Sumac Shawarma Sandwich

13.75 QR

Zaatar Pie

5.75 QR

Big Dynamite Chicken Shawarma Sandwich

chicken shawrma sandwich with Hot Spicy sauce and cheddar cheese

14.5 QR

Labneh & Honey Pie

8 QR

Foul Plate

12 QR

Breakfast Box

75 QR

Arabic Falafel Meal

Arabic FalafelPieces With Complimentary Hummus, And Pickle

15 QR

Super Arabic Falafel Meal

Arabic Falafel Pieces With Complimentary Hummus, Muhammara Fries Tahina And Pickled

25 QR

big Flafl sandwich

8 QR

Ryoog Sandwich Box

12 Small Sandwich of Chicken, Falafel And Egg With Cheese

55 QR

Small Breakfast Box

Foul, Egg, Hummus, Labneh, Mutabbaq And Pickles

30 QR

Shakshoka Plate

Egg With Vegetables

18 QR

Falafel Plate

12 Falafel Pieces With Hummus And Pickles

12 QR

Egg & Cheese Plate

22 QR

Egg with Meat Plate

25 QR

Meat Kabab Sandwich

Two Skewers Meat Kabab Grills, Hummus And Pickled In Sandwich

16 QR

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