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Experience the culinary delights of Alkhayer Kitchen, a hidden gem in Qatar. With Snoonus rapid delivery, you can enjoy Alkhayers savory menu right at your doorstep. From deliciously diverse dishes to tempting deals, Alkhayer Kitchen offers a dining experience like no other. Dont just order food, embark on a gastronomic journey. Why wait? Savor the Alkhayer Kitchen experience with Snoonu. Order now!

Best Selling


Vine Leaves with Pomegranate Molasses

Mini grape leaves with pomegranate molasses

130 QR
Spicy Vine Leaves

Mini grape leaves with hot pepper

65 QR
Sour Vine Leaves

Mini grape leaves with lemon

65 QR
Buqsha Shami Breakfast

Buqsha Shami Breakfast enough for 5-6 persons containing: foul, falafel with tahini sauce, liver (chicken or meat) with pomegranate molasses, eggplant fattah with hummus, omelette with fresh vegetables and cheese, mini pies (cheese, thyme, pizza and spinach), grape leaves mahshi, pancakes, in addition to the mixed basket of bread, olives, pickles, jam, honey, nutella and tahini.

150 QR
Traditional Buqsha Breakfast

Traditional Buqsha Breakfast enough for 5-6 persons contains: Keima (minced meat with Indian spices), liver (chicken or pomegranate molasses or sour), eggs and potatoes humsa with spices and exquisite flavors, humsa cowpea, balaleet and eggs, maviouh eggs, porridge, khanfaroush, in addition to Mixed news basket, olives, pickle, jam and honey.

150 QR
Special Buqsha Breakfast

Special Buqsha Breakfast enough for 5-6 persons contains: Eggplant Hamsa with minced meat and potatoes with a variety of distinct flavors. Mix foul with red beans. Halloumi cheese and eggs hamsa. Green shakshouka (with a mixture of fresh herbs and cold green pepper) or red shakshouka (with tomato sauce and fresh tomato pieces) or yellow shakshouka (with saffron, turmeric, fresh mushrooms and chopped onions). Potato croquette stuffed with grape leaves, waffles or crepe, in addition to various pastries, olives, pickles, jam, honey, nutella and our signature kitchen sauce.

200 QR
Kima Sandwich

6 QR
Falafel Sandwich

35 QR
Spicy Potato Sandwich

35 QR
Chicken Shawarma Sandwich

6 QR
Meat Shawarma Sandwich

8 QR
Mixed Sandwiches Box with Saj Bread

Box of mixed sandwiches in saj bread: meat shawarma, chicken shawarma, liver sandwich (chicken or beef as available), falafel sandwich, chicken musakhan sandwich, kima sandwich, spicy potato sandwich, egg and potato sandwich, egg and tomato sandwich, curry chicken sandwich

170 QR
Egg and Tomato Sandwich

35 QR
Meat Liver Sandwich

8 QR
Chicken Liver Sandwich

5 QR
Bean Sandwich

سندويش فول

35 QR
Chicken Musakhan

5 QR

Khanfaroosh mixtures with cardamom and saffron 12 pieces

25 QR
Fatayer Mabrumeh Chicken

Fatayer mabrumeh stuffed with chicken, with a variety of special spices and flavors

38 QR