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Kafta Jezzine

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Cordon Pane

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Kebda Kasr Abdeen


Kafta Jezzine

Traditional minced beef seasoned with middle eastern spices.

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Chicken Casablanca

Tender and juicy with bell pepper, onion and tomato.

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Shawarma Kudsieh

Savory sumac chicken with caramelized onion perfectly flavored.

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Cordon Pane

Composed of chicken breast, smoked turkey breast, and Swiss cheese rolled and dredged in breadcrumbs.

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Beef patty, slice of cheese and with an inclusion of sweet & sour flavor.

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Amood Chips

Normal, With herbs, Cajun

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Falafel Akka Sandwich

Freshly baked bread stuffed with fried crispy falafel balls, coleslaw, tender eggplant, tahini & hummus with a slight touch of harissa.

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Steak Philadelphia Sandwich

Made with a delicious seasoning of herbs and spices and stuffed with sauteed beef, onions, green peppers and covered with melted Swiss cheese.

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Armenian Sausage Sandwich

Armenian dry sausage, pickles, tomatoes and fresh mint with Amood special sauce inspired by traditional Armenian cuisine

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Chicken Napoli Sandwich

Chicken tenders mixed with Italian spices and cheese.

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Shrimp Marbella Sandwich

Spanish golden fried shrimp, tangy pickles, and Mediterranean sauce.

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Shakshuka Al-rayyan

Eggs baked in a rich tomato sauce then stuffed inside Amood fresh bread.

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Lebneh Al-sham

Soft Middle Eastern cheese slathered on fresh bread topped with za'atar, olive oil, black olives, fresh mint and tomatoes.

12 QR

Cyprus Halloumi

Perfectly grilled with its crisp-exterior and flavorful interior with cypriot homemade sauce

15 QR

Egg Istanbul

Turkish beef sausage flavoured with cumin, salt, paprika with soft runny fried eggs

16 QR

Egg Trocadero

Slowly cooked eggs over low heat and stirred for long enough to dry out with melted french cheese

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Kebda Kasr Abdeen

So flavorful and juicy lightly cooked with a mix of Amood spices

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Coca Cola

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Coca Cola Light

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