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Firewood Sweet

250 QR
Mix Chocolate Tray

Mix Flavor Hazelnut,Coffee,Crispy Flakes,Wafer

310 QR
Mix Chocolate Tray

Mix Flavor Almond,Hazelnut,Coffee,Crispy Flakes,Turkish Coffee,Peanut

420 QR
Mix Chocolate Tray

Mix Flavor Lottus,Rahash,Coffee,Crispy Flakes,Pistachio

500 QR
Lotus and Dates

170 QR
Warak Enap Box

With Fresh Lemon

100 QR
Mini Mousakhan


130 QR
Fatayer Box

Halloum Cheese,Pizza,Zataar,Spinach,Chicken

120 QR
Mix Salty Biscuit

120 QR
Mini Fatayer

Chicken,Labna,Cream Cheese

120 QR
Nutella Cake

For 6 People

120 QR
Red Velvet Cake

6 Person

120 QR
Mix Ghoriba

Mixed Flavors (pistachio, Nutella, saffron)

150 QR
Caramel Goraiba

150 QR
Mini Brownies

Mix Flavors: Lotus, Nutella, Peanut

150 QR
Egg Chocolate

Crispy Flakes,Wafer

230 QR
Dates Mamoul

120 QR
Rahash Biscuit

150 QR
Mix Petit Four

Mix Flavour (Nutella - Saffron - Pistachio - Coffee)

120 QR