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Welcome to Anbara Kitchens, the ultimate haven for food lovers in Doha! Immerse yourself in our extraordinary culinary creations, meticulously prepared with the finest ingredients. As the top dining destination in town, our commitment to quality and excellence has won the hearts of both locals and visitors. At Anbara Kitchens, we take pride in our diverse menu, offering an exquisite blend of Arabic and Continental flavors.

Best Selling


Fried Box

Sambosa potato,vegetable,cheese, spring roll potato,vegetable,cheese, Mozzarella stick, Borek Beef or Cheese, Kebeh, Chicken Roll

110 QR
Kebeh Box 12 Pieces

45 QR
Aneb Rissoto

60 QR
Sambosa 12 pieces

30 QR
Stuffed Cheese Meat balls 12 Pieces

Kofta balls stuffed with cheese covered with a layer of mashed potato then rolled for a crispy flavor

70 QR
Chicken Roll Box 12 Pieces

45 QR
Aneb Sambosa 12 Pieces With Tahini Sauce

40 QR
Flafel Bites

8 pcs with tahina sauce

12 QR
Potato Kibbeh

Layer of Mashed potato filled with our special minced beef covered with a layer of breadcrumbs for a crispy flavor

60 QR
French Fries

15 QR
Swirl Roll Box 12 Pieces

Zaatar, zaatar cheese, Spinach, Beef, Cheese,Chicken

75 QR
Fatayer Box Mix 12 Pieces

Zaatar,spinach, pizza,cheese,safeha beef,onion,labneh cones

45 QR
Fatayer Box 12 Pieces

45 QR
Cordon Bleu

Chicken breast wrapped around cheese, smoked turkey ham and mushroom then breaded and fried. Served with French fries, mashed potato, sauteed vegetables and creamy mushroom sauce.

70 QR

Boneless Chicken Escalope served with ketchup,french fries, and coleslaw.

60 QR
Spinach Chicken

Chicken breast stuffed with fresh spinach and cheese then baked covered with creamy spinach sauce. Served with spinach white rice.

60 QR
Mix Mhashi

Capsicum, zucchini, potato, eggplant, malfouf, onion, vine leaves based on your choice of 4 items or more

80 QR
Onion Mhashi Small

50 QR
Vegetable Mhashi Box

12 pcs from One type of vegetable mhashi from your choice

70 QR