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Rocca & Beetroot Salad

Rocca leaves , beetroot , feta cheese , black sliced olives with our special yogurt dressing .

24 QR
Stuffed Vine Leaves

Vine leaves stuffed with, rice, onion, parsley, tomato and spices (portion is 6 pcs)

24 QR

Roasted whole eggplant, Tahini, lemon, garlic topped with olive oil, pomegranate molasses, diced roasted eggplant, mixed shredded capsicum and pomegranate seeds

14 QR
Traditional Hummus

Chickpeas, tahini, lemon, topped with olive oil, parsley and chickpeas

16 QR
Baba Ghanouj

Roasted whole eggplant mixed with capsicum mix , onion, garlic , lemon topped with olive oil and pomegranate molasses and colored shredded capsicum

14 QR

Roman lettuce, Tomato, cucumber, onion, radish, mint, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, pomegranate molasses, sumac powder and crispy fried bread aside

19 QR
Nablus Salad

Pomelo fruit, Iceberg lettuce , fresh mushroom , corn , halloumi cheese , with our special mayo dressing .

28 QR

Parsley, tomato, onion, burghul, olive oil, lemon

19 QR
Potato Harra

Fried Potato cubes toasted with lemon, garlic, coriander and crushed paprika.

22 QR
Chicken Liver

French fries topped with Fried Chicken liver, onion, garlic, lemon juice and pomegranate molasses garnished with creamy garlic sauce

28 QR
Sajeyeh Lahmeh

Beef cubes with onion, green chili and spices. Garnished with pine nuts and parsley

34 QR
Grilled Lamb Chops

Four pieces of lamb chops with french fried, grilled vegetables, garlic sauce .

75 QR
Chicken Musakhan

Homemade flatbread topped with onion sumac and olive oil, served with a roasted marinated half chicken on the top.

50 QR
Kibbeh Bil Laban

Cooked Yogurt flavoured garlic served with three pieces of kebbeh .served with vermicelli rice. (Minced Lamb meat mixed with burghul , stuffed with minced meat , pine nuts and pomegranate molasses)

53 QR
Mansaf Arabic Lamb

Mansaf rice cooked with ghee with Arabic lamb meat with bone cooked with jameed yogurt. Served with jameed on the side , garnished with pine nuts

65 QR
Shish Tawook

Marinated grilled chicken breast cubes, served with French fries, grilled vegetables, onion, parsley, garlic sauce. ( 2 skewers)

55 QR
Kofta Platter

Grilled Minced lamb meat with spices served with French fries, grilled vegetables, onion, parsley, tahini sauce . 2 skewers

55 QR
Mix Grill

Shish tawook, shish kebab, lamb kofta, Grilled vegetables, French fires, garlic sauce. ( 2 skewers of kufta , 1 skewer of taouk , 1 skewer of shish kebab)

80 QR
Sparkling Small Water

10 QR