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Try B Fit! a restaurant situated in Qatar and offers a variety of Healthy Cuisine that is delivered throughout Umm Salal, Lusail, Al Khor municipalities in Qatar. They provide a variety of dishes and meals to pick from and order through Snoonu app. Users have rated the restaurant with a 4.8 and reviewed it 34 times. Order now and enjoy fast delivery with Snoonu within 25 minutes.

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(150g) hummus,garlic,lemon,olive oil,tahina,little salt (mix all) (2 pcs.) kubbos aside. Calories 218

25 QR
Turkey Omelette

(3pcs.) whole scrambled eggs,turkey,capsicum (2 pcs.) brown toast bread. Calories 236.5

45 QR
Plain Medammes

(3pcs.) whole scrambled eggs,turkey,capsicum (2pcs.) brown toast bread. Calories 395

25 QR

(3 pcs.) eggs,capsicum,onion,tomato sauce (2 pcs) brown toast bread aside.

35 QR
Cheese Omelette

(3 pcs.) whole scrambled eggs with cheese(2 pc.) brown slice toast bread aside. Calories 346

35 QR
Sunny Side Up

(3 pcs.)whole baked eggs with (2 pc.) brown sliced toast bread. Calories 346

30 QR
Healthy Oats

(150g) oats,skimmed milk,honey and berries on top. Calories 237.5

25 QR
Spinach sambusa

(4 pcs.)spinach and cheese. Calories 60.5

30 QR

150g beans,mix with oyster and soy sauce with sesame seeds on top. Calories 188

25 QR
Chicken Sambusa

(4pcs.)chicken and cheese. Calories 240

30 QR
Beef Sambusa

(4pcs.)beef and cheese. Calories 65.3

30 QR
Chicken Spring Roll

(4pcs.)cheese,chicken,vegetables,serve with sweet chili sauce aside. Calories 240

35 QR
Cheese Sambusa

(4pcs.)feta cheese. Calories 315

25 QR
Greek Salad

lettuce,cucumber,capsicum,black olives,feta cheese(30g)mint leaves,serve with mix lemon and olive oil sauce aside. Calories 230

35 QR
Rocca Salad

arugula leaves,cucumber,pomegranate seeds,serve with mix olive oil,lemon,pomegranate sauce. Calories 135

25 QR
Tuna Sandwich

(2 pcs)brown toast bread,mayonnaise,lettuce,capsicum,mix with tuna. Calories 285

35 QR
Special Chicken Burger

100g chicken patty/brown bun bread with lettuce,cheese,onion,tomato,egg with mushroom sauce,serve with 100g fries aside. Calories 322

60 QR
Twister Sandwich

(1)brown tortilla,100g chicken,tomato,lettuce. Calories 322

50 QR
Chicken Crispy Burger

100g chicken,brown bun bread,tomato,cheese,lettuce. Calories 405

60 QR