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Baker's Bites - Your Go-To Destination for Irresistible Baked Delights in Qatar! Indulge in the mouthwatering creations of Baker's Bites - the ultimate haven for all dessert enthusiasts. With our wide selection of delectable treats, we are here to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings like no other. What sets Baker's Bites apart is our commitment to using only the finest ingredients, ensuring the highest quality and taste in every bite.

Best Selling


Gathering Box 1

Contains 12 pieces Crispy Spinach/12 pieces Potato Kibbeh Cheese/12 pieces Chicken Msakhan/6 pieces Spiral Sfeeha/6 pieces Spiral Sfeeha Cheese/12 pieces Kibbeh Meat/6 pieces Crispy Cheese.

423 QR
Gathering Box 11

Contains 12 pieces open sfeeha, 12 pieces meat zonkolol, 18 pieces spiral sfeeha and 12 musakhan.

357 QR
Gathering Box 5

Contains 12 open safiha / 6 spiral safiha pieces / 12 kibbeh safiha / 6 spiral cheese safiha pieces

228 QR
Gathering Box 10 Gluten Free 90%

Contains 10 pieces open safeeha, 10 pieces open safeeha cheese, 8 pieces spiral safeeha meat, 8 pieces open safeeha cheese, 7 pieces crispy spinach and 6 pieces crispy cheese

410 QR
Gathering Box 8

Contains 6 pcs Crispy Spinach/12 pcs Msakhan/ 12 pcs Open Sheeha Cheese/8 pcs Potato Kibbeh Cheese/9 pcs Spiral Sheeha Cheese

305 QR
Gathering Box 2

Contains 30 Pieces of Crispy Spinach

195 QR
Gathering Box 7

Contains 12 pieces Chicken Cupcake/ 12 pieces Potato Kibbeh Cheese/ 12 pieces Chicken Msakhan

240 QR
Gathering Box 3

Contains 12 pieces Crispy Spinach/12 pieces Msakhan

156 QR
Gathering 9

Contains 6 pcs Crispy Spinach/7 pcs Open Sfeeha / 7 pcs Spiral Sfeeha/8 pcs Open Sfeeha Cheese/8 pcs Crispy Cheese

233 QR
Gathering Box 6

Contains 6 pcs Crispy Spinach/12 pcs Open Sfeeha Cheese/12 pcs Kibbeh/12 pcs Potato Kibbeh Cheese/12 pcs open Sfeeha/12 pcs Crispy Cheese

423 QR
Gathering Box 4

Contains 12 pieces Falafel /12 pieces Msakhan/12 pieces Chicken Shawarma

234 QR
Spicy Tuna Sandwich

35 QR
Pesto Mozzarella Sandwich

35 QR
Haloomi Zaatar Sandwich

40 QR
Spicy Chicken Sandwich

35 QR
Panini Shawarma Sandwich

35 QR
Egg And Tomato Sandwich

35 QR
Zataar Sandwich

Our special made in house crispy Panini Bread stuffed with fresh authentic zataar tomatoes cucumbers

33 QR
Falafal Panini Sandwich

35 QR