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Welcome to Bakery Box, your top choice in Qatar for irresistibly delicious bakery delights. Our menu, the bakery box menu, is a treasure trove of mouth-watering offerings like mankosha, lahme baajin, and manakish be laham. Craving pizza? Weve got you covered with our mini pizza, pepperoni qatar, and popular arabic mini pizza. For a taste of authentic labna qatar, try our signature labna box. If youre in the mood for something different, give our unique mortadila a try. With Snoonus swift

Best Selling


Sandwich Box

Four Sandwiches Of Tawooq, Falafel, Fajita And Shawarma

52 QR
Pies Box

Different Pies Of Fajita, Chicken With Cheddar And Falafel

42 QR
Mix Box

Different Mini Pies Of Zaatar, Muhamara And Pepperoni

40 QR
Fanajel Box

Feta, Chicken Shawarma, Fajita And Pepperoni

36 QR
Margarita Pizza

Tomato Sauce And Mozzarella Cheese

28 QR
Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni Slices With Mozzarella Cheese

36 QR
Ranch Pizza

Ranch Pizza Of Chicken, Vegetables And Ranch Sauce

34 QR
Vegetable Pizza

Falafel, Corn And Vegetables

33 QR
BBQ Pizza

Chicken With Special Bbq Sauce And Mozzarella Cheese

34 QR
Mix Pizza

Four Season Pizza Of Tawooq, Vegetables, Pepperoni And Fajita

36 QR
Lebna & Vegetables Asronia

Labneh And Vegetable

13 QR
Feta Extra Asronia

Feta, Vegetables And Zaatar

14 QR
Mix Cheese Asronia

Mix Of Akawi And Kashkawan Cheese

13 QR
Chicken Fajita Asronia

Chicken Fajita With French Sauce

14 QR
Nutella Asronia

Nutella And Banana

15 QR
Chicken Cheddar Pie

Chicken With Cheddar

17 QR
Falafel Pie

Fresh Falafel With Tomato, Lettuce And Tahina Sauce

11 QR
Mix Cheese Pie

Mix Of Mozzarella Cheese, Puck And Akawi

13 QR
Muhammara With Cheese Pie

Tomato, Onion, Pomegranate Molasses, Hot Sauce And Sesame

11 QR