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Craving a Culinary Adventure? Discover Bao Restaurant, Qatar's Hidden Gem! Sink your teeth into a delectable journey at Bao Restaurant, where taste knows no bounds! With an exquisite fusion of Sandwiches, Japanese delights, and Bowls, our diverse menu promises a tantalizing experience that will leave you craving for more. 🥪 Sandwiches that Sing with Flavor: Indulge in our signature bao buns, freshly made and irresistibly fluffy. Picture sinking your teeth into a perfectly grilled seafood bao, bursting with succulent shrimp and a symphony of secret spices. Or perhaps, savor the crispy delight of our fried seafood bao, with its golden, crunchy coating and melt-in-your-mouth filling. These mouthwatering sandwiches are just the beginning of an unforgettable culinary adventure! 🍣 Japanese Delights to Satisfy Your Palate: Experience the artistry of Japanese cuisine with our array of sushi rolls, sashimi, and tempura delights. Let your taste buds dance with joy as you savor the delicate flavors of our handcrafted sushi rolls, each one a work of edible art. Crispy tempura, perfectly seasoned sashimi, and an assortment of other Japanese delicacies await your exploration. Immerse yourself in the exquisite flavors of the Far East, right from the comfort of your own home. 🍲 Bowls of Bliss: Craving a hearty bowl packed with wholesome goodness? Look no further! Our selection of bowls offers a symphony of flavors, combining fresh ingredients and bold spices. From our aromatic Thai curry bowl, brimming with vibrant vegetables and tender chicken, to our savory teriyaki salmon bowl, perfectly grilled to perfection, each bite will transport you to culinary nirvana. With our bowls, comfort and flavor collide in the most delightful way. 🛵 Snoonu Delivery: The Ultimate Convenience at Your Doorstep! 🛵 Why wait when you can have Bao Restaurant's mouthwatering delights delivered straight to your door? The restaurant received an impressive 4.4-star rating on Snoonu, showcasing the high level of satisfaction among its users.

Best Selling


Prawn Tempura

Deep Fried Prawn Served with Spicy Mayo

29 QR
Edamame With Maldon Salt

21 QR
Shrimp Popcorn

Shrimp topped with Crab Sticks, Dressed with Spicy Mayo

33 QR

Crispy Rice Cake Seasoned With Furikake Serve With Tangy Tteokbokki Sauce.

26 QR
Spicy Edamame

Served with Chilli Garlic Sause

23 QR
Kani Salad

Blend of Mixed Fresh Vegetables, Crab Meat Drizzled with our Special Kani Dressing

38 QR
Popcorn Bao

Shrimp Popcorn, with Spicy Mayo Garnished with Kani Mix

23 QR
Veggie Bao

Veggie Katsu with Siracha Sauce and Mayo

22 QR
Short Ribs Bao

Slow Cooked Beef, Garnished with Pine Nuts, Drizzled with Wasabi Mayo

25 QR
Duck Salad

Cook Duck with Cucumber,Green Onion,Pomegranate,Lettuce Frisse, Hoisin Sauce, Red Chard and Red Radish

50 QR
Fried Chicken Bao

Marinated Fried Chicken, with Coleslaw Leaf Drizzled with Yuzu Kosho Mayo with Ground Cashew Nuts

23 QR
Confit Duck Bao

Three Hour Cooked Duck, Garnished with Pomelo, Pomegranate, Drizzled with Peanut Sauce

25 QR
Garden Salad

Fresh Greens Including Iceberg,Lollo Biond,Arrigula And Spinach Tossed In Lemon Honey Dressing

40 QR
Crispy Beef Bao

Crispy Marinated Beef Topside And Pickled Onion Filled Bao With Sweet Gochujang Sauce

25 QR
Taiwanese Style Chicken Katsu Bowl

Steam Rice, Eggs,Spinach,Black Sesame,Breaded Chicken,Oyster Sauce,Red Curry,Green Onion, Tonkatsu Sauce and Coriander Leaves

45 QR
Ebi Katsu Maki

Prawn katsu, Shrimp popcorn, garnish with chives on top. 8 pcs per order

65 QR
Stir Fried Chicken Noodles

Fried Chicken, Egg Noodles + Mixed Vegetables

45 QR
The Original Chicken Katsu Bowl

Thick Cury Sauce with Crisp Fried Chicken Cutlet

45 QR
Crunchy California Maki

Fried maki with Crabstick, cucumber, avocado, drizzle with Unagi sauce and Red yuzu kosho mayo. 8 pcs per order

75 QR