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Savor the lively flavors of Bazaar Cafe, a cherished gem in the Qatar Bazaar. Renowned for its delectable puff pastry beloved by locals, our menu blends tradition and innovation. Explore our menu by logging into the Snoonu restaurant platform, and let Bazaar Caf� bring the vibrant bazaar experience to your doorstep. Place your order now and embark on a culinary adventure like no other.

Best Selling


Sesame Coockie

Three sesame cookies made with tahini and sesame seeds with molasses coating

9 QR
Brown Chocolate Coockies

One piece of coockie filled with dark chocolate.

5 QR
Beef Borek

Traditional Turkish yufka pastry, stuffed with special Turkish minced meat recipe

15 QR
Turkish Simit

Traditional Turkish bagel topped with finest organic sesame seeds

6 QR
Cheese Borek

Traditional Turkish yufka pastry, stuffed with our signature cheese and parsley recipe

15 QR

It Is A Quality Blend Of 100 % Coffee Made From The Finest Beans, Specially Picked For You.

5 QR
Spanish Latte

Its An Espresso Based Drink With Normal Milk And Sweet Condensed Milk

16 QR
Turkish Coffee

A Thick Unfiltered Type Of Coffee Prepared In A Cezve Or Ibrik Using Very Finely Ground Coffee Beans

10 QR

A Perfect Balance Of A Double Espresso With Steamed Milk With More Foam

15 QR
Arabic Coffee

Traditional 200 Ml Arabic Coffee

10 QR
V60 Coffee

Filter Coffee

20 QR
Hot Chocolate

12 QR

A Drink Made Of Espresso, Steamed Milk And A Fina Layer Of Thin Foam

15 QR

A Concentrated Foam Of Coffee Either Served As A Single Or Double Shot

10 QR

A Balance Of A Double Shot Espresso With Steamed Milk

15 QR

A Perfect Brewed Shot Of Espresso Diluted With The Right Amount Of Filtered Hot Water

12 QR
Flat White

A Blend Of Either A Single Or Double Shot Espresso With Steamed Milk With Silk Foam

15 QR
Karak Tea

A Traditional 200 Ml Of Eden Milk Tea

5 QR
Red Tea 200 Ml

4 QR