Bekes Food Restaurant

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31-47 mins

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ClosedUntil 10:00 AM

Best Selling


Milky Pap

Nigerian Fermented Cereal Pudding, Akamu, Ogi

25 QR
Akara Beans Fritters

Fried Black Eye Beans Blended With Mixed Peppers.

18 QR
Breakfast Set

Agege Bread, Egg Omelette And Chicken Sausage, With Coffee Or Tea.

38 QR
Moi Moi

Steamed Black Eye Beans Blended With Sweet Peppers.

20 QR
Homemade Layers Of Pancakes

Served With Fruits Or Scrambled Eggs

45 QR
Traditional African Fried Eggs

Scambled Eggs In Tomatoes And Onions Served With Yam Or Plantain Or Agege Bread.

45 QR
Breakfast Scone Set

Freshly Bake Scone With Jam And Butter On The Side With Coffee.

28 QR
Akara Burger

Bean Cake Fried.

28 QR
Moin Moin

Richly Flavoured Steamed Bean Cakes

25 QR

Richly Flavoured Fried Bean Cakes

29 QR
Pancakes & Scrambled Eggs

Richly Flavoured Pancakes Served With Scrambled Eggs

30 QR

Blended Wet Corn Boiled To Creamy Pudding With The Choices Of Akara Or Moi Moi.

30 QR
Pap & Akara

Fermented Cereal Pudding Served With Fried Bean Cakes

37 QR
Banga & Starch

Banga Soup Cooked In Traditional Nigerian Spices.

85 QR
Coleslaw Salad

Cabbage, Carrots With Touch Of Onion And Mayonaise.

30 QR
Garden Salad

Carrot, Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce And Dressing.

30 QR
Mango Salad

Sweet Mango, Cucumber, Red Onion, Tomato And Parsley.

30 QR
Egusi Sou

Flavoured Grinned Melon Seeds Cooked With Spinach Leaf In Palm Oil Sauce

50 QR
Ghanaian Kelewele

Ripe African Plantan Seasoned With Ginger And Fried To Sweetness With Nuts.

25 QR