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Discover the ultimate burger and shake experience at Black Tap in Qatar. Indulge in our mouthwatering menu featuring a variety of craft burgers and shakes that will satisfy any craving. With our commitment to using only the finest ingredients and our dedication to quality, we guarantee a dining experience like no other. Whether you're a fan of classic flavors or looking for something unique, our exclusive offerings will leave you wanting more.

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Grilled Chicken Ceaser Salad

Grilled chicken, lettuce, roasted tomato, shaved parmesan, croutons and caesar dressing.

64 QR
Black Tap Salad

Prime burger, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, american cheese, cucumber, pickled red onions, spring onions, beef bacon and special sauce on the side.

68 QR
Baja Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, avocado,corn, pico de gallo, salsa verde and chipotle vinaigrette.

68 QR
Korean BBQ Chopped Salad

Crispy chicken tenders, korean BBQ sauce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, sweet corn, red peppers, spring onions, crispy onions and buttermilk dill dressing.

68 QR
Fried Mozzarella

With smoky chipotle tomato sauce.

39 QR
Guacamole & Chips

Smashed avocado, pico de gallo and spring onions with salsa verde.

42 QR
Teriyaki Broccoli

Ginger, garlic, sesame seeds and scallion.

39 QR
House Salad

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickled onion and house vinaigrette.

30 QR
Atomic Shrimp

Sweet & spicy glaze, shredded cabbage, leaf lettuce, sesame seeds, spring onions and Asian spices.

72 QR
Buttermilk Fried Chicken Tenders

With house buttermilk dill, Korean BBQ & lime honey mustard.

50 QR
Sriracha Mac & Cheese

Cilantro, spring onions and sriracha bread crumbs.

42 QR
Cheesy Fries

Fries with American Cheese

41 QR
Idaho Fries

Regular Idaho Fries

30 QR
Sweet Potato Fries

30 QR
Truffle Fries

39 QR
Texan BBQ Wings

Sweet BBQ and spring onions, served with house buttermilk dill.

42 QR
Korean BBQ Wings

Sweet & spicy bbq, spring onions, sesame seeds and lime, served with house buttermilk dill.

42 QR
Carolina BBQ Wings

Sweet & smoky BBQ, fresh herbs, served with house buttermilk dill.

42 QR
Nashville Hot Wings

Nashville hot sauce and pickled chips, served with house buttermilk dill.

42 QR