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Welcome to Bluefin Sushi, Qatar's premier sushi restaurant offering fast delivery and a full menu of delectable Japanese cuisine. With our unique blend of traditional flavors and innovative twists, we are the go-to destination for sushi lovers in Qatar. At Bluefin Sushi, we take pride in our use of the freshest ingredients, sourced locally and carefully crafted into culinary masterpieces.

Best Selling


Crazy Crab Salad

Crabsticks, Cucumber, Tobiko, Togarashi, Lettuce And Avocado

40 QR
Salmon Sashimi

Thinly Sliced Fresh Salmon

35 QR
Salmon Sushi

Sushi Rice, Fresh Salmon

30 QR
Ebi Sushi

Sushi Rice, Ebi Shrimp

25 QR
Kani Sushi

Sushi Rice, Crabstick

25 QR
Tuna Chunk

Sushi Rice, Terayaki Tuna Mix, Nori, Coated With Sesame Seeds

15 QR
Dynamite Roll

Sushi Rice, Tuna, Salmon, Nori, Coated With Togarashi

25 QR
Rock & Roll

Sushi Rice, Salmon, Tuna, Crabsticks, Tobiko, Nori

25 QR
Mighty Salmon

Sushi Rice, Salmon , Nori , Wrapped With Salmon

25 QR
Tuna Samurai

Sushi Rice, Crazy Crab Mix , Avocado, Nori, Wrapped With Tuna

25 QR
Avocado Roll

Sushi Rice, Tuna, Salmon, Nori, Wrapped With Avocado

25 QR
Ebi Surimi

Sushi Rice, Crazy Crab Mix, Nori Topped With Spicy Ebi Shrimp & Coated With Sesame Seeds

25 QR
Torched Salmon

Sushi Rice, Cucumber, Salmon, Nori, Wrapped With Torched Salmon

25 QR
Flying Salmon

Sushi Rice, Crazy Crab Mix, Philadelphia Cheese, Avocado, Nori, Wrapped With Salmon

25 QR

Sushi Rice, Crazy Mix, Nori ,Wrapped Tuna & Salmon

25 QR
Mixed Party Box (24Pcs)

3 Sashimi Salmon, 3 Sashimi Tuna, 2 Sushi Salmon, 2 Sushi Ebi, 2 Rock & Roll, 2 Crispy California, 2 Dynamite Roll, 2 Ebi Surimi, 2 Rainbow, 2 Flying Salmom, 2 Avocado Roll

145 QR
Sushi & Maki Box (18Pcs)

2 Ebi Sushi, 2 Salmon Sushi, 2 Tuna Sushi, 2 Crispy California, 2 Crispy Crazy, 2 Cheesy Maki , 2 Mighty Salmon , 2 Avocado Roll, 2 Rock & Roll

105 QR
Dynamite Burrito

Salmon & Tuna Mix, Cucumber, Mango, Fresh Seaweed , Wrapped With Sushi Rice & Nori

45 QR