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Welcome to Bob Burger, your go-to destination for mouthwatering burgers and sandwiches in Qatar. At Bob Burger, we pride ourselves on serving up delicious, made-to-order meals that will satisfy even the biggest cravings. With our diverse menu featuring a variety of burger options and crispy chicken sandwiches, we have something to please every palate. What sets Bob Burger apart is our commitment to using only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients.

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Philly Steak Sandwich

Philly Steak with Steak Sauce, Cream Cheese, Onion, Mushroom, and Green Pepper

32 QR

29 QR


Bob Crispy Chicken Burger

Regular or Crispy chicken, tomatoes, american lettuce, adobo sauce, ranch sauce, cheddar cheese and potato bread.

33 QR

20 QR


Bob Mac and Beef Burger

Beef, pasta, cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, ranch sauce, and potato bread.

38 QR

23 QR


Fresh Burger Box 12 Pieces

Box Includes Oman Chips, Cheetos, Fried Onions, Sauce And Breads.

280 QR

252 QR


Philly Steak Pasta

Penne pasta with onion, beef, mozzarella cheese, rocca, and parmesan cheese.

42 QR

25.25 QR


Bob Build Your Own Beef Burger

Choose your own sauce, add, ons, and salad for your beef burger.

15 QR

13.5 QR


Bob Jumbo Beef Tortilla

Jumbo grilled beef, cheddar cheese, special sauce and tortilla bread.

40 QR

24 QR


Fresh Hot Dog Box 12 Piece

Fresh Angus Hot Dog 12pcs. With Oman Chips, Cheetos, Fried Onions, Sauces & Bread

280 QR

252 QR


Bob Build Your Own Chicken Burger

Choose your own vegetable, salad, sauce, and add-ons.

15 QR

13.5 QR


Build Your Own Fries

Choose your desired toppings and sauces for your fries

10 QR

9 QR
Family Box Slider

160 QR
Family Box Sandwich

9 Sandwiches Mix Plus 1 Regular Fries And 1 Fries Choice From Bob Fries Or Dbs Fries

240 QR
Family Box Burger

10 Regular Burger Mix Beef Chicken Plus 1 Regular Fries 1 Fries Choice From Bob Fries Or Dbs Fries

260 QR
Bob Cheetos Beef Burger

Grilled steak, with bob burger sauce, lettuce, Cheetos & Cheese.

34 QR
Bob Slider 5 Kinds Of Your Choice

Mini Burgers 5 Kinds Of You Choice: Bob Beef, Bob Chicken, Bob Bacon Beef, Mushroom Beef, Classic Chicke,n Dbs Chicken Special

68 QR
Coleslaw Chicken Burger

Fried chicken slice with special sauce,coleslaw salad and cheese.

30 QR
Bob Bacon Burger (Double)

Grilled Steak with Bob Burger Sauce, Beef Bacon and Cheese.

39 QR
Chicken Cheetos Burger

A piece of chicken covered with Cheetos with special, lettuce, cheese & Cheetos.

32 QR
Double Coleslaw Chicken Burger

Double Fried Chicken Slice with Special sauce, Coleslaw salad Cheese

40 QR