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Botamba Traditional Kitchen

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Welcome to Botamba Traditional Kitchen, your go-to destination for authentic flavors in Doha. Our restaurant is renowned for its traditional dishes that reflect the rich culinary heritage of the region. At Botamba Traditional Kitchen, we take pride in offering a unique dining experience. Our expert chefs meticulously prepare each dish using locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring that every bite is bursting with flavor and authenticity.

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Chicken Spring Roll

The Taste Is A Story And The Sound Of The Crunch Is A Second Story

35 QR

24.5 QR



Mild lamb neck salona cooked with fresh mix veggies and tossed with Iranian bread

60 QR

42 QR



In Short, Botamba Made A Dish For Those Who Want To Pamper Themselves

75 QR

52.5 QR
Fi Gata

A mix of potato, eggplant & meat with white rice and a dash of saffron oil. Good for 1 / 5 person.

70 QR
Chicken Tray Small

Fresh chicken machboos tray comes with 4 whole chicken.

800 QR
Chicken Tray

Fresh chicken machboos tray comes with 5 whole chicken.

950 QR
Lamb Tray Small

Meat tray comes with 4 pieces of lamb shank and 2 pieces of neck.

850 QR
Lamb Tray

Meat tray comes with 6 pieces of lamb shank and 4 pieces of neck.

1,100 QR
Machboos Arabic Lamb Tray

Machboos arabic lamb sheep tray comes with 10 soft drinks, 2 kinds of sambosa, 5 rob with cucumber, 1 green salad.

2,850 QR
Shrimp Samboosa With Cheese

A Great Idea From Hook Is A Samboosa Stuffed With Shrimp And Cheese (4 Pcs)

40 QR
King Fish

Choose 1 Rice From The Options

55 QR
Safi Fish

Choose 1 Rice From The Options

70 QR
Red Fish

Seabass Covered With Red Sauce

65 QR
Hook Rice

20 QR
Muhammer Rice

Muhammar Rice Prepared In The Traditional Way

20 QR
Green Fish

Seabass Covered With Green Sauce

65 QR
White Rice

White Rice With The Smell Of Cardamom

20 QR
Kuwaiti Combo

Machboos kuwaiti , fattoush salad , sweet sambosa , drink

95 QR
Mudalal Combo

Mudalal , sweet sambosa , drink

105 QR