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Introducing Bracket Cafe, your go-to destination for specialty coffee in Qatar. With a passion for quality and a commitment to excellence, Bracket Cafe stands out from the crowd with its unique offerings and exceptional service. Indulge in our wide range of handcrafted coffee creations, expertly brewed using the finest locally-sourced ingredients.

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Lasagne ,Chicken Bolognese,Mozzarella Cheese ,Mint Crumbs,Homemade Tomato Sauce ,Bechamel Sauce

54 QR
Shrimp Risotto

Risotto Rice,Homemade Tomato Sauce ,Cooking Cream,Mozzarella Cheese ,Marinated Shrimp,Rocket Leaves ,Pomegranates Sauce

70 QR
Chicken Pink Pasta

Penne Pasta ,Home Made Tomato Sauce,Cream,Mozzarella Cheese ,Parmesan Cheese, Marinated Chicken

40 QR
Chicken Risotto

Risotto Rice ,Homemade Tomato Sauce ,Cream,Mozzarella Cheese ,Grilled Chicken ,Rocket Leaves ,Pomegranate Sauce

60 QR
Mini Turki Croissant

Mini croissant ,chicken Turky ,cheese ,blueberry sauce

15 QR
Mini Croissant Chicken Coleslaw

15 QR
Mini Tuna Croissant

Mini croissant ,tuna , lettuce

15 QR
Fajita Sandwich

Tortilla Bread,Mayonnaise,Chicken Fajita,Mozzarella Cheese,Served With Potato Chips

36 QR
Falafel Sandwich

Tortilla Bread,Tahina Sauce And Mayonaisse,Parsley Leaves,Mint Leaves,Pickled Cucumber,Red Reddish,Home Made Falafel,Serve With Chips

29 QR
Turkey Sandwich

Brown Bread,Mustard Mayo Sauce,Rocket Leaves,Turkey Ham,Slice Cheddar Cheese,Serve With Chips

38 QR
Halloumi Sandwich

Tortilla Bread,Grilled Halloumi Cheese,Pesto Sauce,Rocket Leaves,Served With Chips

38 QR
Panini mozzarella

panini bread ,smashed avocado ,fresh mozzarella balls, sundry tomatoes ,pesto sauce

36 QR
2 Coconut Ball

Bracket Signature, Peanut Butter,Cereals,Honey,Rolled In Shredded Coconut

17 QR
Homemade Granola

Bracket Signature, Vanilla Yogurt,Home Made Granola,Garnish With Fresh Mix Berries And Topped With Natural Honey

38 QR
Date Cake

Bracket Signature Date Pudding,Topped With Scoop Ice Cream And Caramel Sauce

49 QR
San Sebastian

Bracket Signature Baked With Spanish Cheesecake Topped With Chocolate Sauce On The Side

45 QR
2 Classic Ball 2 Psc

Bracket Signature, Peanut Butter,Cereals,Honey,Shredded Coconut

17 QR
French Toast

Bracket Signature, Special Brioche Bread Topped With Caramel Sauce And Fruits On The Top

60 QR
Hush Rush

Bracket Signature,Homemade Puff Pastry With Chef Custard Cream

39 QR