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Dive into the exotic flavors of Bucket List, Qatars culinary gem. Savor the fragrant Jasmine Rice Qatar is raving about, or explore the vibrant Bucket List menu featuring Zucchini Noodles, a delightful twist on classic dishes. With Snoonu, experience swift delivery of your favorite meals right to your doorstep. Order now, and let Bucket List take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey!

Best Selling


Fried Rice Vegetables

Mixed vegetables,brown garlic,spring onion,light soy,egg

14.99 QR
Fried Rice Prawn

Rice,egg,salt,light soy sauce,spring onion,aromatic powder,prawn

24.75 QR
Garlic Rice Vegetables

Mixed vegetables,brown garlic,spring onion,light soy

14.75 QR
Garlic Rice Egg

Mixed vegetables,brown garlic,spring onion,light soy,egg

14.75 QR
Fried Rice Chicken

Rice,egg,salt,light soy sauce,spring onion,aromatic powder,chicken

19.99 QR
Sisig Chicken With Jasmine Rice

Garlic,ginger,green chili,shrimp paste,chicken ,salt n pepper

35 QR
Beef Caldereta With Jasmine Rice

200 gm beef ,tomato paste,potato,carrot,capsicum mix,garlic,chili flakes,bay leaves,salt n pepper,onion.

40 QR
Tapa Beef With Jasmine Rice

Meat slicer,garlic ,soy sauce,black pepper,salt,sugar,water,lemon lime,onion,sesame oil,egg

40 QR
Chicken Adobo With Jasmine Rice

Chicken whole,onion,garlic,black pepper whole,white vinegar,salt,bay leaves,soy sauce ,fish sauce

35 QR
Chicken Tinola

Chicken half, Lettuce, Sayote, Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Pepper Lemon Grass, Fish Sauce, Chicken cubes

28 QR
Bihon Guisado

Mix vegetables, chicken, white thin noodles with lemon seasonings.

25 QR
Arozcaldo Chicken

Simmered rice with chicken broth and additional seasonings.

25 QR
Fried Chicken Tokwa

Fried chicken, plain tofu and onions

20 QR

Mix vegetables saluted with salted shrimp seasoning.

28 QR
Chicken BBQ Stick

Chicken marinated with soy sauce, ketchup and seasonings.

20 QR
Chicken Katsu With Jasmine Rice

Chicken breaded,plum sauace, jasmine rice, mix salad

40 QR
Bento Box Set B

Japanese fried rice, 2pcs chicken teriyaki, 2pcs tempura ebi, 2pcs tempura vegetable , 2pcs tamago nigiri, 3pcs ebi nigiri,Tom yum soup

55 QR
Chicken Teriyaki With Jasmine Rice Bento

Teriyaki chicken ,coleslaw salad,sushi rice,miso soup,pickle ginger,sushi roll.,mix salad

40 QR
Bento Box Set A

Stir fry yaki udon noodles, 3 pcs california maki roll, 3pcs salmon nigiri, 1pc tuna nigiri, 1pc unagi nigiri, 2pcs tempura ebi, 2pcs tempura vegetable , Miso soup

60 QR