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Experience the thrill of flavor with the Burger Gang, a haven for burger enthusiasts. Whether youre craving a classic gang burger or seeking to explore our unique bread gang menu, weve got you covered. Our g burger menu is packed with tantalizing options that will send your taste buds on an epic journey. Each bite of our burgers is complemented with our signature colslaw dressing, adding a zesty twist to the experience.

Best Selling


Coleslaw Chicken Burger

Golden Crispy Cereal Coated Deep , Fried Chicken Breast , Potato Bun , Coleslaw

30 QR
Chicken Truffle Burger

Chicken , Cheese , Arugula , Truffle Sauce , Potato Bread

33 QR
Maple Burger

Chicken , Special Mable Seracha Sauce , Colslaw Salad , Potato Bread

30 QR
Classic Chicken Burger

Crispy Chicken , Cheese , Special Sauce , Lettuce , Potato Bread

29 QR
Gang Burger

Beef Slice , Pickles , Lettuce , Gang Sauce , Potato Bread

29 QR
Big G Burger

Four Beef Slices , Cheddar Cheese, Gung Sauce , Potato Bun.

45 QR
Mashroom N’ Swiss Burger

Beef , Cheese , Special Mushroom Sauce , Potato Bread

35 QR
Jamin Bacon Burger

Beef Slice , Cheddar Cheese , Bacon Jam , Spicy Aioli , Fried Cheese , Potato Bun

35 QR
Beef Truffle Burger

Beef , Cheese , Arugula , Truffle Sauce , Potato Bread

35 QR
El Cartel Burger

Steak , Double Cheese , Crispy Onions , Bacon , Potato Toast

35 QR
Gang Steak Cheese Gang

Rib I Steak , Cheese , Potato Bread

25 QR

Crispy French Fries

15 QR
Dynamite Shrimp

Fried Shrimp With Special Dynamite Sauce (Spicy)

33 QR
Mac & Cheese Balls

Fried Pasta & Cheese Balls With Special Sauce.

29 QR
Crispy Chicken Strips

Crispy Chicken Strips , Buffalo Sauce , Ranch Sauce

28 QR
Truffle Fries

Potatoes , Parmesan Cheese , Truffle Oil , Truffle Sauce

29 QR
Japapeno Cheese Balls

Jalapeno Cheese Balls, 1000 Island Sauce

23 QR
Gang Fries

Potatoes , Cheese Sauce , Gang Sauce , Jalapeños ,Crispy Roasted Onions , Beef Bacon

29 QR
Onion Rings

Fried Onion Rings Served With Mustard Sauce

15 QR