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OpenUntil 9:30 PM

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Experience an exhilarating shift in your coffee routine with Cafe Shift, a premier destination in Qatar for coffee aficionados and foodies alike. Cafe Shift is not just a cafe; it's a haven of tantalizing flavors, celebrating every palate. Be it our aromatic coffees or the exotic tapioca pearls Qatar loves, each item on our menu is a culinary masterpiece. Shift Cafe offers a unique, unforgettable taste adventure that leaves you yearning for more.

Best Selling


Hot Americano

Hot Water Mixed With A Perfect Shot Of Espresso

10 QR
Hot Flat White

Espresso With Less Milk For A Stronger Flavor

14 QR
Hot Cappuccino

Espresso With Creamy Steamed Milk

14 QR
Hot Latte

Espresso with creamy steamed Milk

14 QR
Hot Cortado

Perfect Shot of double Espresso on a 7 ounce cup poured with steamed milk.

12 QR
Hot Classic Mocha

Espresso With Chocolate-Swirled Milk

15 QR
Hot Spanish Latte

Espresso Blended With Our Special Hot Spanish Premix

15 QR
Hot Tiramisu Latte

Tiramisu Hot Premix Steamed With Espresso

16 QR
Hot Vanilla Latte

Vanilla Milk Mixed With A Perfect Shot Of Espresso

15 QR
Hot Don Macchiato

Caramel With Hints Of Vanilla-Flavored Milk Mixed With Espresso

15 QR
Hot Rose Latte

Rose-Flavored Milk With Espresso

15 QR
Hot Violetta Latte

Violeta Premix With Espresso

15 QR
Hot Toffee Nut Latte

Toffee Nut Syrup Filled With Steamed Milk And Espresso

15 QR
Hot Matcha Latte

Authentic Matcha With Hot Milk

16 QR
Hot Chocolate

Artisan Chocolate Filled With Evaporated Milk

17 QR
Protein Hot Chocolate

chocolate flavoured protein powder mixed with milk 15grams of protein

15 QR
Iced Americano

Espresso With Cold Water

10 QR
Iced Flat White

Espresso Rich With Less Milk

16 QR
Iced Cappuccino

Espresso With Frothy Milk

15 QR