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Cannelle Patisserie, the premier destination for delectable treats in Qatar, offers a delightful assortment of pastries, cakes, and desserts. With a focus on quality and innovation, our talented team of pastry chefs creates mouthwatering creations that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Indulge in our wide range of freshly baked goods, including flaky croissants, decadent macarons, and richly layered cakes.

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Daily Box Large Mini Sandwiches 48 Pieces

48 Pcs Mix Of Turkey, Cheddar Cheese, Halloumi, Labneh Zaatar, Chicken Mayo & Chicken Fajita Mini Sandwich.

265 QR

185.5 QR


Hazelnut Dragees Jar 150 Grams

Hazelnut Dragees Elegantly Contained Within A Jar, Offering A Delectable Treat Of Roasted Hazelnuts Enrobed In A Layer Of Smooth And Tempting Chocolate Coating.

49 QR

39.25 QR


Elegant Brownie Acrylic 55 Pieces

Brownie Bites Adorned With A Tantalizing Drizzle Of Caramel Sauce And A Delicate Touch Of Gold.

300 QR

240 QR


Profiteroles Tower Acrylic 55 Pieces

Profiteroles, Delicate Pastry Puffs, Generously Filled With Luscious Creamy Dark Chocolate, Creating A Heavenly Blend Of Textures And Flavors In Each Bite.

350 QR

245 QR


Acrylic Tahini Mini Cake 90 Pieces

Mini Tahini Cake, Adorned With A Luscious Creamy Sauce, Elegantly Displayed Within A Transparent Acrylic Container, Creating A Visually Enticing And Delectable Dessert Presentation.

290 QR

203 QR


Cannelle The Ultimate Luxury 650 Grams

Elevate Your Senses, Elevate Your Experience, And Let The Allure Of Chocolate Transport You To A Realm Of Unparalleled Luxury.

230 QR

184 QR
Velvet Berries Cake Small 400G

Topped With A Luxurious Velvet Ganache And Fruits That Adds A Delightful Creaminess. Weighs Approximately 400 Grams

90 QR
Daily Box Large Caramelia, Éclair & Profiteroles 24 Pieces

Delightful Box 24 Pcs Mix Of Caramelia Tart, Éclair & Profiterole Filled With Luscious Cream.

200 QR
Daily Box Small Mini Croissant Sandwich 10 Pieces

10 Pcs Of Turkey Ham Cheese & Chicken Croissant Sandwich

80 QR
Carrot Cake 1Kg

Is A Moist Dessert That Features The Natural Sweetness Of Grated Carrots. This Spice Cake Infused With Cinnamon, Nutmeg Adding A Warm And Aromatic Flavor. Weighs Approximately 1300 Grams

195 QR
Peanut Perfection Box 500 Grams

500-Gram Box Filled With Delectable Peanut Dragees, Combining The Satisfying Crunch Of Salted Peanuts With A Sweet And Irresistible Outer Coating, Creating A Delightful Treat To Enjoy.

90 QR
Mini Basbousa 25 Pieces

25 Pcs Mini Basbousa , Adorned With A Luscious Layer Of Creamy Ashta On Top.

65 QR
Assorted Choco Pad 330 Grams

Assorted Chocolate-Covered Nut Pads Bring Together A Delightful Medley Of Nuts Coated In Rich, Smooth Chocolate, Offering A Satisfying Blend Of Flavors And Textures In Every Bite.

130 QR
Cannelle Pure Indulgence 250 Grams

Experience Pure Delight With Our Assorted Box Of Chocolates,Perfect For Gifting Or Treating Yourself To Moments Of Pure Bliss.

120 QR
Pecan Delight Box 500 Grams

500-Gram Box Filled With Exquisite Pecan Chocolates, Combining The Rich Flavor Of Pecans With The Indulgence Of Smooth Chocolate, Offering A Delightful Treat For Any Chocolate Lover.

110 QR
Mini Basbousa 10 Pieces

Mini Basbousa Cake, Adorned With A Luscious Layer Of Creamy Ashta On Top.

60 QR
Rotab Tart 18 Pieces

18 Pcs Of Rotab Tart, Irresistible Treat Brings Together The Richness Of Cream Cheese, The Sweetness Of Dates And Nuttiness Of Pecan.

100 QR
Small Chocolate Box 9 Pieces Signature

Small Signature Chocolates, Carefully Crafted To Offer A Delightful And Memorable Assortment Of Flavors And Textures.

75 QR
Hazelnut Caradelised Jar 150 Grams

Caramelized Hazelnuts Beautifully Stored In A Jar, Presenting A Delightful Blend Of Sweet And Nutty Flavors For A Tempting Treat.

49 QR