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Experience the authentic taste of Chai Of House, your local chai house near me, offering an exquisite house of chai menu. Renowned for our spearmint tea, a popular choice in Qatar, were more than just a chai house. Were a destination for tea lovers. Explore our diverse menu, brimming with unique flavors and traditional favorites. With Snoonus swift delivery, indulge in your favorite chai of house comfortably at home. Savour the essence of our house of chai, where quality and taste meet.

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Karak Tea

A Popular Middle Eastern Tea Made With Black Tea Leaves, Cardamom, And Various Spices, Typically Served Hot.

4 QR
Red Tea

A Type Of Herbal Tea Made From The Dried Leaves Of The Rooibos Plant

4 QR
Green Tea

A Type Of Tea Made From The Leaves Of The Camellia Sinensis Plant

4 QR
Set Green Tea

A Set Of Green Tea, 5 Cups

10 QR
Set Of Red Tea

10 QR
Set Of Karak Tea

10 QR
Set Of Moroccan Tea

This Set Of Tea Is Made By Steeping Green Tea With A Generous Handful Of Spearmint Leaves

14 QR
Espresso Single Shot Coffee

A Concentrated Coffee Beverage Made By Forcing Hot Water Through Finely Ground Coffee Beans, Served As A Single Shot.

10 QR
Espresso Double Shot Coffee

A Double-Sized Serving Of Espresso

15 QR
Latte Coffee

A Coffee-Based Drink Made With Espresso And Steamed Milk, Often Topped With A Layer Of Frothed Milk.

15 QR
Americano Coffee

A Coffee Drink Made By Diluting Espresso With Hot Water, Resulting In A Milder Flavor Compared To Espresso.

12 QR
Turkish Coffee

A Traditional Method Of Brewing Coffee Using Finely Ground Coffee Beans And Serving It Unfiltered.

10 QR
Hot Chocolate

A Warm And Creamy Beverage Made With Melted Chocolate Or Cocoa Powder, Mixed With Milk Or Water.

15 QR
Cappuccino Coffee

16 QR

An Espresso-Based Drink With A Small Amount Of Foamed Milk, Creating A Layered Appearance.

18 QR

A Coffee Drink Combining Espresso, Chocolate Syrup, Steamed Milk, And Topped With Whipped Cream.

18 QR
Flat White

A Coffee Beverage Originating From Australia Or New Zealand, Featuring Espresso And Velvety Steamed Milk.

20 QR
Arabic Coffee

A Traditional Coffee Preparation Common In Arab Countries, Usually Flavored With Cardamom And Served In Small Cups.

18 QR
Ice Latte

A Chilled Coffee Drink Made With Espresso, Milk, And Ice

15 QR