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Poori With Cheese And Tomatoes Hamsa

Deep-fried bread often served in indian cuisine

28 QR
Cheese Sandwich

A sandwich with cheese as the main filling

12 QR
Egg Sandwich

A sandwich with eggs as the main filling

14 QR

A dish that may include fava beans, lentils, shakshuka, and more Served with hot tea

22 QR
Frozen Chicken Samosa Box

A box of frozen chicken-filled pastries

55 QR
Cooked Chicken Samosa Box

A box of cooked chicken-filled pastries

75 QR
Frozen Cheese Samosa Box

A box of frozen cheese-filled pastries

45 QR
Cooked Cheese Samosa Box 40 Piece

A larger box of cooked cheese-filled pastries

95 QR
Sunflower Seeds

Various types of edible seeds

5 QR

Edible nuts like almonds and walnuts

9 QR
Cheese Samosa

19 QR
Chicken Samosa

23 QR
Luqaimat Chaiche

Fried dough balls served with spices

34 QR
Regular Cup Tea

10 QR
Cup Tea Mix

10 QR
Cup Tea Chaiche

10 QR