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Welcome to Chariot Cafe, your go-to destination for a delightful coffee experience in Qatar. As one of the leading cafes in the country, we pride ourselves on our unique offerings and exceptional service. At Chariot Cafe, we believe in highlighting our specialties to ensure you have an unforgettable visit. Indulge in our signature Chariot coffee, meticulously crafted by our skilled baristas who understand the art of brewing the perfect cup.

Best Selling


Cheesy Scrambled Egg

Serving size 75 gm - scrambled eggs with dill and cheddar cheese with potatoes

25 QR
Bacon Scrambled Egg

Serving size 330 gm - scrambled eggs with bacon, honey and mayonnaise sauce

36 QR
Cheesy Omelette with Avocado Toast

Omelette with mix cheese, guacamole, cherry tomatoes, on sourdough bread

56 QR
Mushroom Swiss Omelette with Avocado Toast

Omelette with mushrooms and Swiss Cheese, guacamole, cherry tomatoes on sourdough bread

65 QR
Omelette With Sourdough Bread

Plain omelette with toasted sourdough bread

30 QR
Mix Cheese Bun

Grilled Halloumi, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, sliced tomato in potato bun

26 QR

Granola with Greek yogurt and raspberry

35 QR
Vegan Avocado Toast

Guacamole, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, sunflower and pumpkin seeds on sourdough bread

35 QR
Mushroom Swiss Omelette

Omelette with mushrooms, Swiss Cheese and toasted sourdough bread

48 QR
Mushroom Scrambled Egg

Serving size 310gm - scrambled eggs with white mushrooms, parmesan cheese, mayonnaise and tomato pieces

29 QR
Breakfast Burrito

Scrambled eggs, mushrooms, guacamole, mashed black beans, mixed cheese and sauce in tortilla bread

33 QR
Breakfast Plater

Grilled Halloumi, grilled tomato, half avocado, your choice of eggs, sourdough bread

47 QR
Mini Burgers

Beef Patty, pickles, cheddar cheese, sauce in three pieces mini buns and French Fries

39 QR
Creamy Pesto Pasta

Rigate Pasta with creamy pesto sauce, parmesan cheese and pine nuts

35 QR
Mac & Cheese

Serving size 300gm pasta, cheddar cheese, cooking cream, buttermilk and breadcrumbs

25 QR
Brisket Mac & Cheese

Serving size 300gm pasta, cheddar cheese, beef brisket, cooking cream, buttermilk and breadcrumbs.

33 QR
Baby Shark Sandwich

Serving size is 72 grams. Brioche bun, 120 gram breaded chicken strips, sauce and 100 gram french fries

29 QR
Fried Cheddar Fingers

27 QR

Serving size 62gm, breaded beef hot dog on a skewer

23 QR