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Try Chia Nation! a restaurant situated in Qatar and offers a variety of Breakfast, Healthy, Beverages that is delivered throughout Qatar. They provide a variety of dishes and meals to pick from and order through Snoonu app. Users have rated the restaurant with a 4.7 and reviewed it 65 times. Order now and enjoy fast delivery with Snoonu within 30 minutes.

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Double Iced Latte (Buy 1 Get 1)

28 QR
Flourless Spinach Quiche

Low carb quiche with cauliflower and parmesan base, stuffed with spinach and feta cheese served with whipped feta cream and spinach. Gluten free. Contain dairy and eggs. Prot 14g, Fat 29g, Carb 15g 376 Kcal

35 QR
Chia Pudding

Chia pudding made with oat milk, with yogurt, honey, homemade granola and homemade raspberry jam. Gluten free. Contain nuts, and dairy. Prot 8g, Fat 8g, Carb 30g, 215 Kcal

29 QR
Falafel Wrap

Brown tortilla with mashed falafel, lettuce, tomato, and tahini sauce. Contain gluten and sesame. Prot 14g, Fat 17g, Carb 62g, 445 Kcal

25 QR
Beetroot Tahini Vitamins And Minerals Rich Toast

Toast with beetroot tahini cream, dried tomato, olives, chicken breast, leaves. Contains gluten, nuts, and dairy. Prot 32g, Fat 10g, Carb 22g 305 Kcal.

35 QR
Avocado Toast

Garlic Bread and Avocado toast with your choice of egg (Contains: Nut, Gluten, Dairy, and Egg)

35 QR
Cocoa Oats

Cocoa oats overnight, with flaked almonds and dried raspberries. Vegan. Contains nuts and gluten Prot 15g, Fat 20g, Carb 67g 480 Kcal

35 QR
Mini Zaatar Roll

2 mini roll made with mix of special gluten-free flours, stuffed with zaatar and feta cheese, contain dairy, gluten free, prot 6g, fat 12g, carb 43g 307 kcal

25 QR
Chicken Shawarma Wrap

Fresh chicken marinated with shawarma spices, garlic sauce, lettuce and cucumber pickles wrapped in brown tortilla bread. Contains gluten, dairy and egg. Prot 39g, Fat 10g, Carb 37g, 394 Kcal

30 QR
Halloumi Caprese Sandwich

Sandwich with brown bread, halloumi cheese, basil, tomato and pesto. Protein 20g, Fat 23g, Carb 28g 391 Kcal.

30 QR
Gluten-free Pancake

American pancakes served with caramelized banana and maple syrup. Gluten free. Contains eggs and soy. Prot 11g, Fat 12g, Carb 102g 558 Kcal.

40 QR
Mini Chicken Roll

2 mini roll made with a mix of special gluten-free flours. Stuffed with chicken and cheese. Contain Dairy. Gluten free. Prot 7g, Fat 12g, Carb 41g 296 Kcal

25 QR
Vegan Grilled Veg Sandwich

Mix of grilled whole vegetables, pesto sauce, tofu and wholegrain bread. Contain gluten, dairy-free, vegan. Prot 13g, Fat 11g, Carb 31g 265 Kcal

25 QR
Gluten-Free French Toast

Homemade gluten free toasted bread toped up with Raspberry jam, coconut cream and maple syrup. Contain eggs. Gluten and dairy free. Contain egg. Prot 12g, Fat 8g, Carb 84g 457 Kcal

45 QR


Cauliflower Tahini wrap

Brown tortilla with roasted cauliflower, lettuce, and tahini sauce. Contain gluten. Prot 9g, Fat 14g, Carb 43g, 322 Kcal

25 QR

20 QR
Chicken Olive Wrap

Brown tortilla with marinated chicken, lettuce, tomato, olive pesto and avocado. Contain gluten. Prot 32g, Fat 17g, Carb 42g 442 Kcal.

30 QR
Island Vibes Chia Pudding

Butterfly pea chia pudding with plain yogurt, and homemade granola, optionally served with passion fruit, raspberry jam or mango jam. Gluten free. Contain nuts, and dairy. Prot 10g, Fat 11g, Carb 35g 263 Kcal

34 QR
Avocado And Omelette Wrap

Brown tortilla with guacamole and omelet. Contain gluten and egg. Prot 16g, Fat 20g, Carb 41g 398 Kcal

25 QR
Spicy Tuna Sandwich

Toasted brown bread with tuna, jalapeño, mayonnaise, cucumber pickles, red cabbage pickles. Comes with avocado and salad. Contain Gluten, contain eggs, no-dairy. Prot 22g, Fat 15g, Carb 43g 381 Kcal

35 QR