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Introducing Chicken Pop, Qatar's go-to destination for mouthwatering chicken dishes. With our unique twist on classic flavors, we are here to satisfy your cravings like no other. At Chicken Pop, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of delectable chicken popcorn options that will leave you wanting more. Our menu features a variety of flavors and seasonings, ensuring there's something to suit every palate.

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Rice Strips Meal Large

Rice, chicken strips and spring onions with yogurt sauce

24 QR

18 QR


Family Value Meal

7 Chicken Pieces With Bones, 7 Strips, Large Chips, 4 Bread, Large Coleslaw, Liter Pepsi

105 QR

80 QR


Chicken Strips Solo 3 Pieces

3 pieces chicken strips served with cheese sauce.

17 QR

12.75 QR


Value Meal 2

2 Chicken Pieces With Bones, Chips, ٍRice, Coleslaw, Pepsi

35 QR

27 QR


Super meal

4 Pcs Chicken 5 Pcs Strips 3 Bun Medium Fries Small Coleslaw

61 QR

49 QR


Value Meal 1

2 Chicken Pieces With Bones, 2 Strips, Chips, Bread, Coleslaw, Pepsi

35 QR

27 QR
Zinger Sandwich

Brioche bun, zinger or fillet breast, mayo, lettuce

18 QR
Mega Meal

2 Wrap Sandwiches , Strips 4 Pieces, Coleslaw , Fries 

39 QR
Celebration Meal

18 Pcs Strips, 12 Pcs Chicken , 8 Bun, 6 Dipping Sauce , 2 Large fries, 2 Large Coleslaw , Soft Drink 

175 QR
Family Chicken 12 Pieces

4 buns, Large fries, Large coleslaw, Softdrink

95 QR
Dynamite Shrimp

Fried shrimp with special dynamite sauce

37 QR
Chicken Strips Meal 3 Pcs

3 pcs chicken strips, fries, coleslaw, 1 pc bread and coca-cola 330 ml

27 QR
Chicken Strips Meal 5 Pcs

5 pcs chicken strips, fries, coleslaw, 1 pc bread and coca-cola 330 ml

32 QR
Dinner Box 3 Pcs

3 pcs chicken, fries, coleslaw, 1 pc bread and coca-cola 250 ml

30 QR
Family Chicken Strips Meal 20 Pcs

20 pcs chicken strips, large fries, large coleslaw, 4 pcs bread and coca-cola 1 liter

89 QR
Family Meal 9 Pcs

9 pcs chicken, large fries, large coleslaw, 4pcs bread and coca-cola 1 liter

79 QR
Tokyo Chicken Sandwich

Juicy chicken tender, wasabi sauce, lollo rosso, lettuce and american cheese.

35 QR
A95 Original Sandwich

31 QR
Crunchy Chicken Sandwich

Chicken breast, American cheese, rocca, sauce and mustard.

35 QR