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Experience the ultimate indulgence at Chimney Cone, the premier cone cafe in Qatar. Renowned as the sugar cone cafe, we offer a delightful spin on traditional sweet treats. Our signature dish, the chimney cone, will transport your taste buds to dessert heaven. As a trendsetting cone restaurant, were proud to introduce our Oreo cafe Qatar special - a fusion of delicious Oreos nestled in our crispy, sweet cones. Dont just hear about it, taste the magic yourself! Order now through Snoonu and get

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The Original Cone

Cinnamon Sugar Cone Filled With Nutella, Custard, Fresh Strawberries And Your Choice Of Toppings

35 QR
The Oreo Cone

Oreo Crumble Cone, Filled With Oreo Cream, With Crushed Oreo And Oreo Cookie

35 QR
Tiramisu Cone

Graham Crumble Cone, Filled With Tiramisu Cream And Espresso Biscuit, Cocoa Powder And Your Choice Of Toppings

35 QR
Velvet Temptation Cone

Red Velvet Cone Filled With Custard And Your Choice Of Toppings.

35 QR
Tropical Cone

Coconut Cone, Nutella, Fresh Mango, Mango Syrup, Bounty And Your Choice Of Toppings

35 QR
Choco Peanut Butter Cone

Peanut Cone, Filled With Peanut Butter Cream, Banana And Your Choice Of Toppings

35 QR
Pistachio Cone

Coating By Pistachio Powder From Inside Nutella And Custard With Strawberry

37 QR
Pistachio Chimney

Pistachio Traditional And Your Choice Of Toppings.

40 QR
Traditional Chimney

Cinnamon Sugar, Crushed Nuts, And Your Choice Of Toppings.

39 QR
Oreo Chimney

Crushed Oreo, Oreo Cream And Toppings.

39 QR
Peanut Chimney

Peanut, Crushed Nuts, Banana

39 QR
Coconut Chimney

Peanuts, Crushed Coconut, Mango

39 QR
Family Combo

Order 4 Items From Chimney Cone Menu

120 QR
Mix Cheese with Zaatar

21.25 QR
Chimney Cheese

Chimney Dough Mixed With Cheese, Tomato, Cucumber And Olives.

21.25 QR
Chimney Zaatar

Chimney Dough With Zaatar, Labne, Tomato, Cucumber And Olives

17 QR
Espresso Single

12 QR
Espresso Double

17 QR
Hot Latte

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