Choco Loco

Delivery time

45-50 Min


9.24 km

Working hours

OpenUntil 11:59 pm



Best Selling

65 QR

Spring 6 Piece

250 QR

Fondue Adventure

100 QR

Iced Coffee Mocha Bottle 1 Litre

55 QR

Club Sandwich

40 QR

Cobb Salad


Chocolate Macaron Bar

Chocolate With Macaroons Coconut Whole Bar Swiss

50 QR

Chocolate Hazelnut Bar

Chocolate Hazelnut Bar Swiss Whole Bar

50 QR

Chooclate Brownies Bar

Chocolate With Swiss Milk Frames

50 QR

Chooclate Hazelnut Small

Hazelnut Chocolate Half Milk Chocolate Bar

25 QR

Chocolate Oreo Dark Bar

Dark Swiss Chocolate With Oreo Bar Whole Bar

50 QR

Fondue Adventure + 1L of Any Choice Of Mojito

250 QR

Chocoloco Spring 20Pcs + Americano 1 Liter

150 QR

Mineral Water

36 QR

Sparkling Water

29 QR

Turkey Mushroom Sandwich

Fresh Mushroom And Turkey And Ham And Mozzarella And Tomato And Lettuce With Very Special Fries

40 QR

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Kraftkorn Loaf And Spicy Chicken And Spicy Sauce, Mozzarella Slice, Green Lettuce, Fresh Tomato And With Very Special Fries

50 QR

Club Sandwich

Toast White Bread And Chicken Mayonnaise And Cheddar Cheese And Egg And Beef Bacon And Tomato Slice And Turkey Marinade Slice And Mayonnaise And Romaine Lettuce Chop And With Very Special Fries

55 QR

Mexicano Sandwich

Benin Bread And Marinate Turkey And Mozzarella Cheese And Fresh Tomato And Mushroom And Mustard Mayonnaise And Lettuce And With Very Special Fries

50 QR

Loco Espanol

Fried Eggs, Halloumi Cheese, Mushroom Cheese, Salad Mix, Beef Bacon, Potatoes And Parsley

45 QR

Scrambled Eggs Picante

Special Fresh Fried Eggs, Salad, Fresh Homemade Red Sauce On The Side And Steamed Bread

45 QR

Mushroom Pie

Cream Of Fresh Mushrooms, Parmesan Cheese, Mozzarella And Fresh Red Pepper With Fresh Steamed Bread From Chocoloco

30 QR


Fresh Eggs, Tomato Sauce, Coffee, Spices And A Special Strain Especially On The Side

45 QR


Including Orange Drink, Fresh Eggs, Croissant Of Your Choice, Butter, Brown Bread, Mixed Berries And Olives

70 QR

Egg Benedict

Fresh Boiled Eggs, Beef Bacon, Hollandaise Sauce, Fresh Salad On The Side And Brown Bread

45 QR

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