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Indulge in the irresistible world of Choco Loco, where every bite is a chocolate lover's dream come true. Our menu is filled with a delightful array of handcrafted chocolates, decadent desserts, and tantalizing treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. With a focus on using only the finest ingredients, we take pride in creating unique and delicious creations that are sure to leave you craving for more. At Choco Loco, we believe in offering our customers an exclusive experience.

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Cheesecake Milkshake

Milk With Ice Cream Flavored With Cheesecake And Whipped Cream With Touches Of Biscuits And Berries And With Touches Of Mr. Chocoloco

35 QR
Frappe Tokyo

Chocolate Ice Cream With Two Cups Of Coffee And Whipped Cream With Touches Of Mr. Chocoloco

35 QR
Frappe Caramello

Caramel Ice Cream With Whipped Cream With Two Cups Of Coffee And Swiss Caramel With Touches Of Mr. Chocoloco

35 QR
Vanilla Milkshake

Milk With Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped With Whipped Cream And A Touch Of Mr. Chocoloco

40 QR
Frappe Loco Signature

Vanilla Ice Cream With Oats And Flannels With Chocolate And Peanut Butter With Whipped Cream With Coffee With Touches Of Mr. Chocoloco

35 QR
Signature Iced Tea Bottle 1 Liter

Homemade ice tea , lemon juice , blue berry, blackberry, raspberry, and hibiscus tea and bubble tea strawberry and vanilla and lemon fruit 2 plastic cups

100 QR
Iced Coffee Spanish Bottle 1 Litre

Fresh coffee, fresh milk , condensed milk, 2 plastic cups

100 QR
Scotland Fresh Ice Tea Bottle 1 Liter

Ice tea fresh handmade fresh lemon juice and fresh orange juice and fresh lemon fruit bubble tea lemon homemade ,bubble gum and lavender flavor

100 QR
Ice Coffee Caramel Bottle 1 Liter

Fresh coffee, fresh milk, and fresh caramel sauce ,2 plastic cups

100 QR
Churros Special

Crispy Fingers With Golden Special Chocolate

30 QR
San Sebastian Small

Dessert With Swiss Milk Chocolate And A Mixture Of Fresh Berries The San Sebastian Cheesecake Note Is Very Popular In The Arab World In Recent Times, Especially For Those Who Have Recently Visited Spain. And Whoever Visited Spain Did Not Hesitate To Visit The San Sebastian Region, To Which The Name Of This Strange And Delicious Dessert Belongs, And Now You Find It Here In Chocoloco With Special Touches

30 QR
Brownies Special

Choco Loco Special Chocolate Cake With Vanilla Ice Cream And Special Sauce From Swiss Chocolate

50 QR
Soft Cake

Chocolate Cake With English Orange With Swiss Chocolate And You Can Order Ice Cream Touches From The Chef That Will Make Your Life Better And Special, And It Tastes Delicious

40 QR
Date Jar

Eating Dates Early In The Morning On An Empty Stomach Removes Parasites And Revitalizes Your Heart. 5- Regulating The Level Of Cholesterol: Dates Are Full Of Fiber And Iron And Do Not Contain Cholesterol, And Dates Help In Regulating The Level Of Cholesterol In The Blood, Then Including Dates In Your Diet On An Empty Stomach Reduces The Level Of Cholesterol In The Blood Will Come With Vanilla Ice Cream With Toffee Sauce

40 QR
Banana Jar

A Tart Created By Mr. Chocoloco With Special Touches With White Swiss Chocolate And Custard Cream With Kinder Fingers

40 QR
Chocolate Cookies

A Mixture Of Chocolate And Toasted Coconut Biscuits And Swiss Chocolate Chips With Turkish Vanilla Ice Cream, American Chef Ruth Graves Wakefield And Chef Sue Brides Chocolate Chip Cookies Were Invented In 1938. The Recipe Was Invented During The Time She Owned The Toll House Inn, In Whitman, Massachusetts

25 QR
Milky Rahash

The Distinctive Milk Cake With A Wonderful And Delicious Taste With A Very Special Sauce Inside The Sponge And Fresh Rehash Only On Top Of The Cake With Green Pistachio Touches

35 QR
Fruit Pizza

Tart With A Very Special Custard Cream And A Mixture Of Berries And Fresh Mint With Special Touches With A Mixture Of White Swiss Chocolate And Milk Swiss Chocolate

45 QR
Date Pudding

With The Toffee Sauce And The Special Ice Cream From Chocoloco, It Contains Important Nutrients Such As Iron, Vitamins And Minerals That Are Important To The Body, And It Also Provides The Body With The Great Energy It Needs To Carry Out Its Daily Activities Provided That It Is Eaten In Moderate Quantities Without Excessive

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