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Welcome to Cluck Restaurant, your go-to destination for mouthwatering chicken dishes in Qatar. We take pride in offering a unique dining experience that will satisfy all your cravings. With our locally-sourced ingredients and expertly crafted recipes, we guarantee a burst of flavor in every bite. At Cluck Restaurant, we believe in providing our customers with exclusive deals and specialties that are unmatched in the market.

Best Selling


Beef Shawarma

16 QR
Shawarma Chicken Saj

Grilled Shawarma On The Saj With New Spices, Sauce And French Fries

15 QR
Mushroom And Chicken Samole

Mushroom & chicken with our Secret Sauce in Salome Potato pan.

26 QR
Mushroom Chicken Burger

Mushroom & Chicken with Secret Sauce In Burger Potato Pan.

29 QR
Grilled Chicken Burger

Grilled Chicken With our Secret Sauce in Burger Potato Pan.

29 QR
Chicken Crispy Burger

Crispy Chicken Burger with Secret Sauce.

26 QR
Matafee Chicken Sandwich

Hot fillet chicken with hot sauce

18 QR
Angus Beef Burger

Angus beef burger with our special mex sauce

26 QR
Mushroom Beef Burger

Angus beef burger with our special mex and mushroom

28 QR
Toast Chicken Burger

Crispy Chicken Burger With Secret Sauces In Toast

26 QR
Famous Chiken Burger

Crispy Chicken Burger With Coleslaw And Cabbage

26 QR
Chicken Piece

One Chicken Piece

9 QR
Shrimp Wrap

Tortella With Large Shrimp Pieces With Dynamite Sauce And Lettuce

29 QR
Dynamite Wings

Wings 6 Pieces With Dynamic Sauce

27 QR
BBQ Wings

Wings 6 Pieces with BBQ Sauce

27 QR
Dynamite Shrimp Burger

Crispy shrimp with Secret sauces in potato pan and dynamite sauce.

33 QR
Cheetos Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger With Cheetos Chips and Sauces and Lettuce.

29 QR

Delicious Nuggets 9 Pieces

19 QR
American Tender 8 Pieces

Chicken Tender Pieces 8 Pieces With Sauce

39 QR