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Experience the unique charm of Cool Breeze Speciality Coffee, a gem in Qatars speciality coffee scene. Dive into our refreshing Cool Breeze Cucumber drink or explore the exotic Sno Thai from the Cool Breeze menu. Savor the rich, aromatic Cool Breeze Coffee, a true speciality of Qatar. Enjoy the convenience of our speciality coffee delivery, bringing the taste of Cool Breeze straight to your doorstep. Order now through Snoonu and let our swift service create a delightful coffee experience.

Best Selling


Jade Latte

Pistachio latte topped with whipped cream.

35 QR
Rose Spanish Latte

A cup of coffee that's the definition of love. Made of natural rose flower petals and condensed milk

30 QR
Hot Chocolate

Classic hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallow

28 QR
Blue Latte

Blue latte with butterfly pea flower tea, a brilliant blue color that pleases the eye, with a subtle hint of pleasant vanilla

32 QR
Bombshell Latte

A delicious drink made of beetroots topped with whipped cream marshmallows (No coffee or with coffee)

35 QR
Black Charmed

Charcoal latte topping with whipped cream, sparkle with 24 karat gold leaves to give you an experience of the magical moment (No coffee or with coffee)

65 QR
Stuffed Tofu

Fried tofu stuffed with cabbage salad

25 QR
Diet Bowl

Carrot, Cucumber, Celery, Olives, cherry tomatoes served with two dipping sauces

25 QR
Green Tea Salad

Burmese traditional tea pickles, cabbage, tomatoes, mixed nuts, and dried shrimp

30 QR
Vietnamese Spring Roll Shrimp

Transparent rice paper roll made of shrimp and fresh vegetables served with peanut sauce

30 QR
Vietnamese Spring Roll Chicken

Transparent rice paper roll made of chicken and fresh vegetables served with peanut sauce

25 QR
Chicken Caesar Salad

Mix lettuce with Caesar sauce served with roasted chicken and toppings with bread croutons and Parmesan cheese

45 QR
Vietnamese Spring Roll Vegetable

Transparent rice paper roll made of fresh vegetables served with peanut sauce

25 QR
Stuffed Fish Balls

Freshly grounded fish fried stuffed with cabbage salad

35 QR
Wonton Soup

Chicken wonton soup, mushroom, spinach, chicken cubes, and shrimps in chicken broth

30 QR
Healthy Bowl

Keal leaves, sweet corn, baked carrot, avocado, feta cheese with honey, chicken and balsamic dressing

45 QR
Papaya Salad

Southeast Asia’s popular salad is made of Green papaya, lime, chili, garlic, peanuts, and cherry tomatoes topped with dried shrimp.

30 QR
French Omelet

Mushroom, Tomatoes, Cheese, Onions served with toast and baked beans on the side

45 QR

A simple perfect eggs dishes for a healthy breakfast or any time of the day served with garlic bread.

35 QR