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Crave, the ultimate food destination in Qatar, is here to satisfy your taste buds like never before. With a passion for culinary excellence, Crave brings you a wide range of delectable dishes that will leave you craving for more. Experience a culinary journey like no other at Crave. Our menu is carefully crafted to cater to all your cravings, whether you're in the mood for a hearty burger, a refreshing salad, or an indulgent dessert.

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Mutton Biryani

Slow cooked lamb in its own juice, yogurt & mint layered with saffron basmati rice & caramelized onions served with cucumber and mint Raita,It contains Kcal 415 Carbs 47,3Fat 17,5 and Protein 16,2

65 QR
Mutton Curry With White Rice

Mutton cooked in thick gravy made of tomatoes, onion, ginger and garlic, flavored with coriander seeds,It contains Kcal 294, Carbs 38,Fat 21 and Protein 24

60 QR
Lentil Soup

Savor The Simplicity Of Our Red Lentil Soup, Made With Hearty Red Lentils, Aromatic Cumin, Flavorful Garlic, White Onion, And Enhanced By The Richness Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil And A Sprinkle Of Fresh Parsley For A Nourishing And Comforting Dish. Kcal 209, Carbs 34, Fat 02, Protein 13

20 QR
Cream Of Broccoli Soup

Indulge In Our Broccoli Cream Soup, Featuring Tender Broccoli, Celery, Enriched With The Goodness Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Walnuts, A Touch Of Light Cooking Cream, A Sprinkle Of Fresh Herbs For A Flavorful, Comforting Treat. Kcal 183, Carbs 27, Fat 10 And Protein 08

25 QR
Mushroom Truffle Soup

Delight In Our Mushroom Truffle Soup, Crafted With A Blend Of Mixed Mushrooms, Enhanced By Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Potato, A Touch Of Light Cooking Cream, Fragrant Herbs, And The Luxurious Essence Of Truffle Oil For A Rich And Satisfying Culinary Experience. Kcal 204, Carbs 39, Fat 03 And Protein 11

30 QR
Chicken Corn Soup

Chicken Corn Soup, Enjoy Our Chicken Corn Soup, Made With Tender Chicken Breast, Drizzled With Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Enhanced By A Touch Of Light Cooking Cream, Sweet Corn, Fresh Parsley, And White Onion For A Comforting And Flavorful Bowl Of Goodness, Kcal 132, Carbs 15, Fat 03, Protein 13

25 QR
Kale Pesto And Chicken Gnocchi

Enjoy Our Flavourful Kale Pesto & Chicken Gnocchi, Featuring High-Protein Gnocchi Pasta Sautéed With Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Savory Mushrooms, Garlic, A Touch Of Light Cooking Cream, And A Luscious Kale Pesto Sauce, All Coming Together For A Satisfying And Nutritious Meal. Kcal 568, Carbs 57, Fat 19, Protein 41

45 QR
Spaghetti Alla Bolognese

Enjoy Our Classic Bolognese Spaghetti, Featuring Long Pasta With An Authentic Italian Ragù Made From Minced Beef And Tomato Sauce. Enhanced By The Richness Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, A Touch Of Light Cooking Cream, And Savory Mushrooms, This Dish Offers A Hearty And Satisfying Meal. Kcal 644, Carbs 58, Fat 31, Protein 39

45 QR
Fusilli Ala Pesto Chicken Pasta

Experience Our Pesto Chicken Fusilli, Where Spiral Pasta Is Cooked With Flavorful Onion, Enhanced By Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Aromatic Garlic, Mushrooms, Light Cooking Cream, Succulent Grilled Chicken, And A Vibrant Kale Pesto Sauce. This Dish Offers A Harmonious Blend Of Flavors For A Satisfying Meal. Kcal 662, Carbs 55, Fat 29, Protein 44

45 QR
Penne Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Savor The Flavors Of Our Chicken Alfredo Penne, Where Penne Pasta Is Cooked With Aromatic Garlic, Onion, Mushrooms, And Enhanced With Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Light Cooking Cream, And Succulent Grilled Chicken For A Creamy And Satisfying Dish. Kcal 537, Carbs 50, Fat 17, Protein 43

55 QR
Meatball And Chilli Cone Cane

Indulge In Our Spicy Meatball Cone Cane, Featuring Luscious Meatballs, Sweet Corn, And The Kick Of Red Chili, All Drizzled With Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Accompanied By A Flavour Some Tomato Sauce Infused With Paprika. Served Alongside The Savory Delight Of Spaghetti Aglio E Olio For A Satisfying Meal. Kcal 563, Carbs 61, Fat 24, Protein 29

50 QR
Greek Yogurt Parfait

Roasted granola with honey, Greek yogurt, blueberry & strawberry,It contains Kcal 180 Carbs 25,5Fat 5,5 and Protein 13,5

30 QR
Pistachio Oats

Pistachio, rolled oats, low fat milk, blueberry, & strawberry,It contains Kcal 119, Carbs 32,4 Fat 4 and Protein 5,5

30 QR
Acai Strawberry Bowl

Contains Kcal 473, Carbs 50, Fat 21 And Protein 6

55 QR
Mango Smoothie Bowl

Contains Kcal 374, Carbs 63, Fat 7 And Protein 7

30 QR
Acai Mix Berries Bowl

Contains Kcal 434, Carbs 50, Fat 18 And Protein 5

60 QR
Granola Peanut Bowl

Contains Kcal 347, Carbs 45, Fat 13 And Protein 9

35 QR
Acai Peanut Bowl

Contains Kcal 493, Carbs 54, Fat 19 And Protein 9

50 QR
Acai Coconut Bowl

Contains Kcal 485, Carbs 51, Fat 23 And Protein 9

50 QR