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Crave, the ultimate food destination in Qatar, is here to satisfy your taste buds like never before. With a passion for culinary excellence, Crave brings you a wide range of delectable dishes that will leave you craving for more. Experience a culinary journey like no other at Crave. Our menu is carefully crafted to cater to all your cravings, whether you're in the mood for a hearty burger, a refreshing salad, or an indulgent dessert.

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Acai Strawberry Bowl

Contains Kcal 473, Carbs 50, Fat 21 And Protein 6

55 QR
Acai Coconut Bowl

Contains Kcal 485, Carbs 51, Fat 23 And Protein 9

50 QR
Acai Mix Berries Bowl

Contains Kcal 434, Carbs 50, Fat 18 And Protein 5

60 QR
Mango Smoothie Bowl

Contains Kcal 374, Carbs 63, Fat 7 And Protein 7

30 QR
Greek Yogurt Parfait

Roasted granola with honey, Greek yogurt, blueberry & strawberry,It contains Kcal 180 Carbs 25,5Fat 5,5 and Protein 13,5

30 QR
Granola Peanut Bowl

Contains Kcal 347, Carbs 45, Fat 13 And Protein 9

35 QR
Purple Potato Oats

Purple potato, rolled oats, low fat milk, blueberry, & strawberry,It contains Kcal 124, Carbs 36,Fat 4,1 and Protein 5,6

30 QR
Granola Coconut Bowl

Contains Kcal 295, Carbs 40, Fat 12 And Protein 10

38 QR
Pistachio Oats

Pistachio, rolled oats, low fat milk, blueberry, & strawberry,It contains Kcal 119, Carbs 32,4 Fat 4 and Protein 5,5

30 QR
Acai Peanut Bowl

Contains Kcal 493, Carbs 54, Fat 19 And Protein 9

50 QR
Roasted Baby Chicken With Saffron Rice

Savor The Exquisite Flavors Of Our Roasted Baby Chicken, Featuring A Half Baby Chicken Marinated With Special Spices, Complemented By Fragrant Saffron-infused Rice For A Truly Delightful Culinary Experience, Kcal 623, Carbs 55, Fat 25 And Protein 48

50 QR
Coconut And Almond Chicken Korma

Indulge In Our Coconut & Almond Chicken Korma, Featuring Tender Chicken Immersed In A Fragrant Blend Of Aromatic Spices, Enriched With The Richness Of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Creamy Greek Yogurt, Luscious Coconut Milk, And A Delectable Almond Paste. Accompanied By Saffron-Infused Rice For A Truly Exquisite Dining Experience. Kcal 476, Carbs 55, Fat 09, Protein 41

42 QR
Tandoori Baby Chicken

Baby chicken half marinated overnight in a special marinade then broiled on Tandoori clay oven and served with white rice t contains Kcal 652, Carbs 45, Fat 15 and Protein 36

50 QR
Chicken Stroganoff With White Rice

Golden seared chicken breast in a creamy mushroom stroganoff sauce and white rice.Kcal 565 , Carbs 52, Fat 18, Protein 32

55 QR
Thai Green Chicken Curry

Experience The True Essence Of Thailand With Our Authentic Thai Green Chicken Curry, Prepared With Fresh Coconut Milk, Tender Chicken, Eggplant, Snow Peas, Aromatic Galangal, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Fragrant Lemongrass. Served Alongside A Bed Of Steamed White Rice For A Complete, Delightful Meal, Kcal 462, Carbs 53, Fat 10 And Protein 39

45 QR
Kashmiri Chicken Pulao

A Fragrant And Flavourful Dish Featuring Tender Chicken Pieces Cooked With Aromatic Spices And Basmati Rice, Creating A Delightful One Pot Meal, Kcal 431, Carbs 49, Fat 07, Protein 40.

50 QR
Kale Pesto And Chicken Gnocchi

Enjoy Our Flavourful Kale Pesto & Chicken Gnocchi, Featuring High-Protein Gnocchi Pasta Sautéed With Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Savory Mushrooms, Garlic, A Touch Of Light Cooking Cream, And A Luscious Kale Pesto Sauce, All Coming Together For A Satisfying And Nutritious Meal. Kcal 568, Carbs 57, Fat 19, Protein 41

45 QR
Chicken Machboos

Succulent Chicken Accompanied By Fluffy Majboos Rice, Infused With The Richness Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Aromatic Spices, And The Flavors Of Tomato Sauces. Kcal 429, Carbs 50, Fat 07, Protein 39

38 QR
Chicken Thai Noodles

Whole Wheat Thai Noodles Paired With Chicken Breast, Red And Green Peppers, Coriander Leaves, Tarragon, Soy Sauce, Ground Ginger, And Garlic Powder. Finished With Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt, Garlic, Leek, And Spring Onions. Kcal 489, Carbs 53, Fat 08, Protein 50

50 QR