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Welcome to Creme And Butter, your go-to destination for delectable treats in Qatar. Indulge in our mouthwatering menu that features a wide range of creamy and buttery goodness. From rich desserts to savory delights, we have something to satisfy every craving. What sets us apart is our commitment to using only the finest ingredients, ensuring every bite is a delight to your taste buds.

Best Selling


Mac & Cheese

Macaroni, Cheese Selection, Beef Bacon, Bread Crumbs

50 QR
Crispy Beef Taco

Crispy Taco, Beef Slices, Avocado, Special Seasoning

50 QR
Chicken Taco

Soft tortilla, grilled cajun chicken, avocado, special dressing

48 QR
Mushroom Fired Risotto

Fried creamy risotto, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, on tomato and herb sauce

48 QR
Chicken Bites

Deep fried crispy chicken, dynamite drizzle and special sauce

46 QR
Chicken Caesar Salad

Lettuce, Beef Bacon, Grilled Chicken, Caesar Dressing, Spices, Creamy Mayo Dressing

52 QR
Buffalo Chicken Salad

Crispy seasoned chicken, iceberg lettuce, mixed leaves, cucumber, avocado, honey mustard dressing and buffalo sauce

53 QR
Avocado And Corn Salad

Grilled corn, avocado, mixed bell pepper, tortilla, feta cheese, spices and creamy mayonnaise dressing

50 QR
Chicken Sliders

3 pieces Crispy Chicken, Brioche Bun, Cheddar Cheese, Special Sauce, Lettuce

56 QR
Chicken Penne Pasta

Penne pasta, special cream sauce, grilled chicken, sautéed mushroom, bell pepper

68 QR
Creamy Chicken And Mushroom

Grilled chicken breast, special gravy sauce, crispy mushrooms, side of steamed rice

72 QR
Homestyle Brisket Burger

Brisket patty, brioche bun, layers of cheese, special sauce, side of french fries

80 QR
Halloumi Bagel

26 QR
Labnah Bagel

22 QR
Chicken and Avocado

36 QR
Grilled Cheese

31 QR
Spicy Tuna

31 QR
Turkey and Cheese

31 QR
Crème Caramel

22 QR