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Try Cube! a restaurant situated in Qatar and offers a variety of Italian that is delivered throughout New Al Murqab, Al Mamoura, and New Al Khulaifat municipalities in Qatar. They provide a variety of dishes and meals to pick from and order through Snoonu app. Users have rated the restaurant with a 4.6 and reviewed it 1106 times. Order now and enjoy fast delivery with Snoonu within 15 minutes.

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Caesar Salad

Mix Lettuce With Caesar Dressing, Parmesan,Bread Croutons,

22 QR
Mexican Salad

Salad with a combination of crunchy doritos and parsley with homemade sauce.

24 QR
Cube Salad

Mixed lettuce with grenadine dressing and homemade sauce, topped with shredded parmesan cheese and pomegranate.

25 QR
Chicken Finger

Chicken finger with honey mustard mayo & ranch sauce.

25 QR
Truffle Fries

Fries, Truffle Sauce, Melted Cheddar Cheese, Fried Onion, Grilled Bacon And Beef, Grilled Jalapeno Slice

28 QR
Waffle Fries

Waffle Cut Potato Fries

14 QR
Glazed Shrimp

Fried Shrimps With Glazed & Ranch Sauce, Lemon Wedge With Roasted Sesame Seed.

30 QR
Glazed Wing

Chicken Wings Glazed With Louisiana Maple Sauce, Lemon Wedge, Parsley.

27 QR
Fresh Poppers

Cheese Poppers With Aioli Sauce, Parmesan Cheese And Parsley.

26 QR
Regular Fries

Fried crispy fries

10 QR
Cheese Fries

Served with melted cheddar cheese.

19 QR
Soho Fries

Fries, grilled onion, jalapenos, monterey jack and cheddar cheese, roasted onion and classic sauce

24 QR
Buffalo Bites

Fried chicken cubes, buffalo sauce, ranch sauce.

27 QR
Dynamite Chicken

Sweet & spicy, fried chicken with dynamite sauce on iceberg lettuce.

28 QR
Chicken Bobs

Fried chicken tots with melted cheese and red rock sauce.

27 QR
Mac & Cheese Ball

Spicy, Panko parmesan, mac and cheese balls, bacon aioli sauce.

27 QR
Crunchy Stick

Chicken stick stuffed with mix cheese , herbs and original sauce.

26 QR
Knock out Shrimp

Shrimps, panko crumb, knock out sauce, doritos, parsley.

28 QR
Taco Burger

Grilled beef patty with taco bread , cheese slice , bacon mayo , pickle, green lettuce.

25 QR