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Experience the flavors of Algeria at Dar Yema, a renowned Algerian restaurant in Doha. With a commitment to providing an authentic dining experience, Dar Yema stands out among other restaurants in Qatar. Indulge in traditional Algerian cuisine that is prepared with care and passion, using locally-sourced ingredients to ensure the freshest flavors. At Dar Yema, we take pride in offering exclusive culinary delights that cannot be found elsewhere in Doha.

Best Selling


Harira Soup

35 QR
Frik Soup

Soup With Lamb Meat, Lentil And Vermicelli, Served With Chebakia

35 QR
Mix Salad Assortment

tomatoes and red onions, grilled green pepper,Eggplant with lemon, tomato and garlic,Pumpkin wrapped with dates,Zucchini marinated with spices, olive oil, coriander and tomatoes 350g

88 QR
Beetroot With Orange

beetroot with orange, shallot and coriander 130g

30 QR
Zucchini With Charmoula

Zucchini marinated with spices, olive oil, coriander and tomatoes 135g

29 QR
Tomato And Red Onion Salad, Moroccan-style Green Pepper

tomatoes and red onions, grilled green pepper, season with salt, pepper, cumin, lemon and white vinegar 140g

35 QR
Eggplant Zaalouk

Eggplant with lemon, tomato and garlic 180 g

28 QR
Loubia With Tomato & Prawns

Beans with tomatoes, prawns, garlic and parsley 140 g

45 QR
Pumpkin And Date

Pumpkin wrapped with dates, served with almonds and orange blossom water 120 g

39 QR
Pepper Mechouia

Grilled peppers with vinegar, cumin and olive oil 120 g

40 QR
Mix Bourek Assortment

beef, parsley and onions, olive oil, mint,Brik leaves, Brik leaves chicken breast slices cooked,Brik leaves marinated shrimps and spinach cooked with leeks and butter mixed with Kiri cheese served with lettuce, radish and lemon salad 228 g

75 QR
Brioettes With Chicken

46 QR
Prawns Bourek

Brik leaves, eggs, marinated shrimps, frying oil served with lettuce, radish and lemon salad 120 g (4 pc)

49 QR
Fish Ball Tagine With Tomato

fish cooked in tajine with tomatoes,Served with lemon and parsley leaves.350 g

95 QR
Couscous With 7 Vegetables

couscous, parsley and onions, carrots, zucchini, turnips, pumpkin, tomatoes, olive oil, chickpeas, white cabbage, green peppers, served with vegetable broth accompanied by vegetables.800g

85 QR
Vegetable Tajine

Parsley and onions, carrots, zucchini, potatoes, olive oil, broccoli, peas, green beans, saffron. 280 g

82 QR
Couscous With Beef Shank & Carrot

couscous, beef with parsley and onions,carrots,tomatoes olive oil, chickpeas, served with vegetable broth accompanied by meat and carrot 950g

125 QR
Chicken Pastilla

Sweet And Salty Chicken Pastille With Almond And Cinnamon

135 QR
Lamb Tagine With Prune And Apricot

144 QR