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Uncover the authentic flavors of the Middle East at Darwazat Al khabaz, your preferred al khabbaz bakery in Qatar. Renowned for our delectable akawi cheese pie and savory shawarma al khabbaz, we excel in crafting traditional dishes that leave a lasting impression. Sink your teeth into our famous cheese fatayer, a favored delicacy in Kuwait, or indulge in our ispanakli pide, a unique treat for your tastebuds.

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8 QR
Aush Reshteh

10 QR
Fool Drwazah

10 QR
Bacha ( 2 Persons )

80 QR
Bacha ( 1 Person )

50 QR
Cream Cheese Pie

Pie with Puck cream Cheese topped with White sesame seeds.

16 QR
Zaatar Pie

10 QR
Zaatar Cheese Pie

14 QR
Cheese Akkawi Pie

16 QR
Lahmacun Pie

Pie stuffed with minced beef with special chef taste

16 QR
Spinach Pie

Spinach mix with Pomegranate Molasses

15 QR
Labneh Zaatar Pie

16 QR
Labneh Honey Pie

16 QR
Muhammara With Cheese Pie

Mix Muhammara Sauce with Mozzarella cheese

15 QR
Chicken Pie

Chef’s Special pie with Chicken and Dijon mustard.

20 QR
Mozzarella Cheese Pie

Pie with Mozzarella Cheese topped with black sesame seeds.

16 QR
Mini Pie Mix 6 Pieces

Mix Mini Pie (1 Spinach,1 Labneh,1 Cream Cheese,1 Akawi Cheese,1 Mozzarella,1 Beef)

19 QR
Mini Pie Mix 24 Pieces

Mix Mini Pie (4 Spinach,4 Labneh,4 Cream Cheese,4 Akawi Cheese,4 Mozzarella,4 Beef)

74 QR
Mini Pie Mix 12 Pieces

Mix Mini Pie (2 Spinach,2 Labneh,2 Cream Cheese,2 Akawi Cheese,2 Mozzarella,2 Beef)

38 QR