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Introducing Dee Truffles, your go-to destination for exquisite truffles and bites in Qatar. With our delectable range of handcrafted treats, we bring you a unique culinary experience like no other. Indulge in the rich flavors and velvety textures of our signature truffles, expertly made with the finest ingredients sourced locally. Each bite is a symphony of taste, offering a delightful blend of premium chocolate and carefully selected fillings.

Best Selling


Iced Coffee package 1 Liter

Enough for 5 cups , includes Straws and ice

200 QR
4 Pieces Mix Truffles

35 QR
Truffles 12pcs Original With Letters I Love You

90 QR
Truffles 36pcs Mix

250 QR
Truffles 36pcs Original

200 QR
Original Truffles 12 Pieces

70 QR
36pcs Original With Happy Birthday Letters

220 QR
Mixed Bite And Truffles Big Box

16pcs mixed truffles 12pcs mixed bites

200 QR
Truffles 12 Pieces Mix

Only Mix Truffles ( Digestive , Maltese's , Kinder , Lotus , Pink , Original )

90 QR
4 Pieces Original Truffles

28 QR
Barbie Original Box 12 Pieces

100 QR
Snowman Truffle 6 Pieces

60 QR
4pcs Mix And Coffee

50 QR
4pcs Original And Coffee

50 QR
Hot Chocolate for 2

500 ml hot chocolate 2 regular cups and straws 1 jar marshmallows and gingerbread 1 jar choco flakes

150 QR
Hot chocolate kit

1 liter hot chocolate, whipping cream, gingerbread, marshmallow, chocolate flakes, 4pcs original truffles, 4 pcs biscuit bites

300 QR
Hot Chocolate

28 QR
Mixed Bites And Truffles

90 QR

25 QR