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Welcome to Deerit Hali, a one-of-a-kind restaurant in Qatar that specializes in creating mouthwatering sandwiches for all taste buds. With our unique selection of ingredients and attention to detail, we take pride in offering a sandwich experience like no other. At Deerit Hali, we understand that our customers are looking for something special, which is why we source only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients for our sandwiches.


Eggplant Mutabel

Fresh eggplant with our special tahini and lemon, garnished with parsley, tomato and olive oil - small size

32 QR

Crushed chickpeas, our special dressing and olive oil - medium size

35 QR
Baba Ganouj

Crushed eggplant with tahini, lemon, green pepper and tomato

22 QR
Falafel Stuffed with Onion 2 Pieces

5 QR
Hummus With Foul

Finely ground chickpeas with beans, chickpeas, our special dressing and olive oil - medium

31 QR
Falafel Stuffed With Cheese 2 Pieces

6 QR

Soft beans and beans with our special mixture, add chickpeas, spices and olive oil - small

30 QR
Fatteh With Nuts And Ghee

A mixture of soft chickpeas with bread, add chickpeas and special seasoning, garnished with nuts, dazzling crispy bread and parsley (according to your choice)

50 QR
Foul Egyption With Tahini

Soft beans and seeds with our special mixture, add tahini and olive oil - small

16 QR
Falafel 4 Pieces

2 QR
Fahita Sandwich

23 QR
Pepperoni Pizza Large

Pizza dough with tomato sauce and pepperoni slices - large

39 QR
Vegitable Pizza Large

Pizza dough with tomato sauce and vegetables - large

39 QR
Muhammara Manakessh

12 QR
Margherita Pizza Large

Pizza dough with margherita tomato sauce - large

35 QR
Tomato Frying Pan With Meat

Fresh tomatoes, soft onions and hot peppers with cooked meat pieces and special spices

46 QR
Spice Potato

Fresh fried potatoes with garlic, spices and parsley - small

42 QR
Plain Tomato Pan

Fresh tomatoes, soft onions, cooked hot peppers and special spices- small

32 QR
Mozarella Sticks 5 Pieces

20 QR